4 Beaded Bead Projects

 Making Ladder Stitch Beads Step by Step

Beading Daily Reader Chris O. asked for illustrations for this week's featured project, the Lazy-B Ranch Bracelet. I took some quick step-by-step photos at my kitchen table. I used dark thread so that you could see it in the photos, but you'll probably want to use thread that matches your beads. 

1. String 4 beads.

2. Arrange into 2 columns.

3. Keep adding beads 2 at a time.

4. 4 columns of beads.

5. Ladder-stitched cube.

6. String the stitched cube
next to other loose beads.


Four Beaded Bead Projects

If you love beaded beads, here are a four projects that use them. If you're new to the world of beaded beads, rather than completing an entire bracelet or necklace, create one beaded bead for a simple necklace pendant or a dramatic pin.

Crystallicious Bracelet

Fibers Meets Beads

  • Crystalicious Bracelet by Bonnie Clewans combines crystals and Japanese seed beads with netting stitch. There are instructions for two types of "beaded beads"–beaded cylinders and beaded rosettes.
  • Fiber Meets Beads by Kathleen Lynam also includes directions for two types of beads–one that uses right-angle weave and another that uses netting to cover a large wooden bead.
  • Necklace in Wire and Beads by Gwen Blakely uses bead crochet to create beaded beads.  (From Interweave Crochet magazine)
  • Rounds of Color Patterns by Kimberley Price covers small wooden craft spools with peyote stitch. (This is a set of color charts only–no written instructions.)

Need more beaded beads? Beadwork Creates Beaded Beads by Jean Campbell includes instructions for 30 beaded beads, using flat peyote stitch, right-angle weave, netting, brick stitch, tubular peyote, circular peyote, Dutch spiral, square stitch, wireworking, herringbone stitch, and triangle stitch. Whew!



Charity Beading Event
Beadapalooza 2
Saturday, November 10, 2007, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Chicago area glass artists will be making beads for Beads of Courage, a program for children with cancer, at the Blue Fire Beads and Jewelry store in New Lenox, Illinois. For directions and more information, visit www.bluefirebeads.com

Coming Next Week: Projects from Step by Step Wire Jewelry, plus the results of the beaded home decor poll.

Holiday Beading: Do you have a beautiful piece of jewelry that you always wear to holiday parties or a special beaded ornament? I'm working on an inspirational gallery of holiday-related projects by Beading Daily readers. Please send in links to your website or blog by November 25. Thanks!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She is going to try and go to a new (to her) bead shop this weekend. Oh, the possibilities!




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