34 Last-Minute DIY Gifts Everyone Will Love

Quick & Easy Beadwork, Winter 2017 MagazineI wouldn’t exactly consider myself a procrastinator. I’m definitely more of a planner—I certainly have more Type A tendencies than not. You know the type: people who want to get a lot of things done; those who have a goal-oriented mindset, hate to waste time, and are highly conscientious. Perhaps many of you take on these traits only around the holidays, simply for the fact that there is so much to get done!

Despite my well-laid plans for starting in on handmade Christmas and Hanukkah gifts well ahead of the holiday season, the busyness of life simply prevents me from acting on my plans until a week or two before the holidays hit. Sound familiar? So it’s no surprise that I find myself looking for ideas that will be easy—and fun—to make. And the Winter 2017 edition of Quick + Easy Beadwork fits the bill. 34 beginner-friendly projects offer something for everyone’s taste.

Starry, Starry Earrings
When looking for easy-to-make, easy-to-give jewelry projects, earrings seem like a no-brainer to me. These Balthazar Earrings by Debora Hodoyer are super fun and stylish, and their star-shaped motif lends itself to the holidays like no other design! I plan to make them for friends using dark blue fire-polished rounds, white diamond Silky beads, and gold seed beads. Perfect to pair with any wintry outfit!

Balthazar Earrings by Debora Hodoyer
Beautiful Blossoms
My sister-in-law is all about the feminine floral patterns—on dresses and handbags and frilly hair accessories! The Peach Fizz Bracelet by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee, in the lilac, Padparadscha, and peridot colorway, will be the ideal complement to her wardrobe. And I love that the instructions provide for an adjustable closure, so I don’t need to give away my surprise early on by asking for her wrist size!

Peach Fizz Bracelet by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee
It’s in the Details
Ok, I confess that I have plans to make these Berry Burst Earrings by Agnieszka Watts for myself. I just love the little details formed by combining such a variety of materials using circular peyote, picot, and right-angle weave. See those little picots formed with the lentils? And the beautiful stitching around the melons? So pretty! Maybe I’ll ask Santa for the beads, then spend Christmas afternoon stitching by the fire while the kiddos play with their new goodies!Berry Burst Earrings by Agnieszka Watts

More Bracelet Love
The first beadwoven bracelet I ever made used two-needle right-angle weave, and I’m anxious to work more with the popular crescent beads and Honeycomb beads to make my mom one of these Howling at the Moon Bracelets by Carole Rodgers. Something about the pattern seems lacelike to me, which would be so befitting of my mom. She loves dressing up for church and I can see this bracelet paired with a favorite classic blouse.Howling at the Moon Bracelets by Carole Rodgers

Talk About Easy
What could be easier than stitching a beaded charm and hanging it from an oval pendant, as Marcie Abney has done in her Moroccan Charm Necklace? Then create a few easy wire links for the strap, or simply string matching beads onto beading wire and slip the pendant onto the wire.

This will be so quick to put together that you’ll have plenty of time to stitch two more charms for a pair of matching earrings! Your recipient will definitely be wowed when you present a beautiful necklace and earring set in their favorite colors!Moroccan Charm Necklace by Marcie Abney
My Southwestern Favorite
The first thing I did when I got my copy of Quick + Easy Beadwork was order some DiamonDuos in copper and turquoise so I could try this Stars in Your Eyes Bracelet by Cecil Rodriguez. The colors and motifs hinted “southwest” to me, and I knew this bracelet would be a favorite way to accessorize my “jeans and cowgirl boots” outfit.

Once all of my materials arrived, I had four complimentary medallions stitched in no time. In fact, I can’t stop making these things, and am playing around with modifications for turning them into earrings!Stars in Your Eyes Bracelet by Cecil Rodriguez
If you’re in the DIY mode and looking for a last minute gift idea that’s sure to be a big hit, download your copy of the Winter 2017 issue of Quick + Easy Beadwork today. With loads of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to choose from, you’ll line up so many favorites that you’ll be stitching long after the holidays are over!

Debbie Blair
Editor of Beadwork

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