3 Things You Can Learn By Making Wire Spirals

Looking at a lot of the beautiful wire jewelry I so admire, I notice a common motif in much of it: it's all built around wire spirals! My first adventures in wire jewelry making were all about learning how to make wire spirals, and now I understand why. When you master the technique of making a wire spiral, you can do just about anything with wire.

1. Learn how wire works. When you learn how to make wire spirals, you're really learning about how wire works. Wrapping your wire into spirals lets you feel how dead soft, half-hard, and full hard wire behaves when you try to manipulate it. As you wrap your spirals, pay attention to how tightly or loosely you can coil the wire around itself. Notice if your spirals stay together nicely, or if they fall apart.

2. Experimenting with form. Wire spirals can be used to create all kinds of jewelry findings like decorative head pins, bead caps, and wire clasps. They also make fabulous components for both beaded and wire jewelry because there are so many ways to embellish or link them together!

3. Finishing techniques. Once you've made some wire spirals, play around with things like hammering to add texture, and then punching holes in the flattened parts to add other embellishments. You can add patinas or color your wire using inks. If you have a tumbler, try using different sizes of steel shot to polish and harden your spirals.

Now, the beauty of learning how to make wire spirals is that if you can create a handful of wire spirals, you've got the skills you need to create Janice Berkebile's regal Crown Cuff wire bracelet. I'm totally smitten with this wire jewelry project that incorporates easy wire spirals and other wire shapes, wire wrapping techniques, and best of all, elegant gemstone beads for embellishment! It might look like a crown fit for royalty, but you can wear this elegant piece of wire jewelry every day.

Take your wire jewelry skills up a notch when you download your copy of Crown Cuff with Janice Berkebile to your favorite desktop or laptop computer and get started right away! Got a stash of gorgeous gemstones and wire in your beading supplies? This is the perfect project to showcase them while you learn and refine your wire jewelry skills.

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