3 Things To Try with Kumihimo

I've only been doing beaded kumihimo braids for a couple of years now, but lately, I've been looking for something new to add some interest to my kumihimo projects. I've got plenty of beads, beading supplies, and stringing/braiding materials to play with, I was just looking for a little bit of inspiration! Check out these three great ideas from our newest eBook, Kumihimo Made Easy: 10 Beautiful Projects to Braid by Maggie Thompson:

Use bigger beads. I've been collecting Czech glass beads as long as I've been beading, so by now, I've got a collection of these beauties that takes up an entire 7-drawer bead cabinet in my basement studio. Adding them to my beaded kumihimo projects is a great way to add shape and texture to what might otherwise be just an ordinary beaded kumihimo braid.
Play with fibers. I love the way sari silk looks when used in my loom weaving projects, and I was recently gifted a beautiful set of metal bangle bracelets wrapped in sari silk. I'm hooked! Using brightly colored silk that's left exposed in a beaded kumihimo braid makes for a beautiful, ethnic-inspired bracelet making project.
Gem it up. Gemstone beads are among my favorite types of beads to use in jewelry making, and gemstone chips are a wonderful option for earthy, organic-looking beaded jewelry. Smaller gemstone chips or nuggets are also a wonderful budget-conscious way to add some natural beauty to your beaded kumihimo projects, and they pair magnificently with a handmade ceramic button clasp.

Get the instructions for these and 7 more brand-new beaded kumihimo projects when you download your copy of Kumihimo Made Easy! Are you looking for something new to try with your beaded kumihimo braids?

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