3 Steps to Peyote-Stitched Peace

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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As I spent the last weekend of October dressing my dogs for Halloween and making my holiday gift list, I had a major earth-shattering realization: there was no way I'd get all these handcrafted goodies done by December 25th of this year! Ah, yes, I DID start in July since I run out of time every year, but I didn't have my newfound seed-bead addiction factored into that equation. I mean, seriously, seed beading does take more time than some other jewelry-making projects, but so gratifying and highly entertaining (I love beading on an airplane, at a staff meeting, or even an occasional happy hour with my buds!).

So, here's my solution to this earth-shattering realization: no one on my list is getting their gift by the "HO HO HO" day this year. Nope, I can see that train wreck coming just like last year . . . I pore over seed-bead designs deciding which on goes to which BFF (I have quite a few) until the wee hours of the morning, try to stay awake at work all day, then quickly flit to my fave bead stores purchasing tubes of delightful colors for each design, dump out my goodies, ooing and ahing over these wannabe masterpieces, again creating night after night (with the red-rimmed eyes to prove it) seed beading my little heart out. At first it's fun, is it not? Beginning a new project is the best part to me.  But, this joyful endeavor turns into more of a chore, the stress sneaks up on me little by little until I find myself cursing the dickens out of those tiny beads as my puppy tips over yet another tray of size 15s I get to sort AGAIN (she's colorblind and simply no help whatsoever).

I vow to make this year different! I'm making color copies of each gift, wrapping it up in a pretty little box, and gifting them to my buddies. They'll get these beauties in 2011 (I promise). Now, I can enjoy the holidays, beading away in front of the fireplace with my puppies, hot chocolate, and a snuggly blanket. Finding peace in our creativity is truly the gift, not the actual physical end result. My new plan for holiday gift giving sounds kind of radical, doesn't it? I've done a bit of soul searching in this area and decided the joy and peace I feel when creating something I love for someone I love is the whole purpose of giving, so why rush it? Why get caught up in the fast pace of the shoppers and the malls, buying, buying, BUYING? I declare seed-beady peace this holiday season, at least in my tiny corner of the world. I invite you to share this new tradition with me and embrace the reason we all REALLY bead . . . it feels good and we love it!

My love for peyote stitch still burns brightly, so here's my latest creation (in progress), inspired by Best of Beadwork 12 Flat Peyote-Stitch Projects.

1. Create Peyote-Stitch cuff. I used four different-colored size 8° seed beads (black matte, gray matt, pink metallic, and smoky clear).

2. Stitch on a strip of Swarovski hot pink crystal mesh.

3. I'll finish up with a simple crystal fringe, sew on some snaps, and gift it to my BFF who LOVES pink and black.

Join me in finding your beady peace with inspiration by Best of Beadwork 12 Flat Peyote-Stitch Projects.

Come bead with me!


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