3 Steps for Easy Holiday Gift Making

You've started your beaded holiday gifts already, right? They're all finished, wrapped, and tucked away in anticipation of the holiday season, aren't they?

Just kidding. If you're like me, it always seems like you're trying to juggle a dozen things at once, and when the holiday gift-making and gift-giving season gets thrown into the mix, well, it starts to feel like you don't know where to turn first! Thankfully, there are great ways to make and give beautiful beaded jewelry to all of your friends and family this holiday season without breaking the bank.

Easy Holiday Gift-Making, Step 1: Use What You Have. My bead stash is so extensive at this point that it would probably take several lifetimes to use it all up. (You don't know anyone else like that, do you?) Chances are that no matter what kind of beaded jewelry I want to make for someone as a gift this holiday season, I'm going to have plenty of beading supplies to do it. This can be a fun way to exercise your creativity, too: when I challenge myself to use what I have instead of buying the exact supplies called for in a beading project, the results are always a pleasant surprise!

Easy Holiday Gift-Making, Step 2: Quick and Easy. When it comes to making beaded jewelry as gifts for all my friends and family, quick and easy is the only way to go. Even if you're like my sister (who routinely gets her holiday shopping and gift-making finished sometime around April), chances are that you're going to find yourself in need of a few last-minute holiday gifts. Or if you're like me and work better under pressure, it's nice to know that you can sit down and make four or five pieces of beaded jewelry for holiday gits in one evening. When it comes to beading projects that work up quickly for holiday gift-giving, I stick with beaded earrings and bracelets — they haven't failed me yet!

Easy Holiday Gift-Making, Step 3: Download New Projects Instantly. There's just something about that "instant gratification" factor that goes a long way when planning my holiday beading projects. I love being able to download new projects quickly so that I can get to work straight away on my beaded holiday gifts. When time is tight, it helps to know that there are a world of fantastic beading projects perfect for holiday giving right at my fingertips.

Need a few ideas for some beaded holiday gifts in a hurry? You'll find over 80 quick, easy, and affordable beading projects for this year's holiday gifts in the Affordable Gifts For the Holidays Collection, available as an instant download in the Beading Daily Shop. These fashion-forward styles will look great all year long, so your friends will be just as thrilled to receive them as you will be to give.

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