3 Lucky Gemstones For the Year Of The Horse

Above: Beautiful aquamarine rondelles

Below: Blue topaz and opal pendant created by Mark Hileman, courtesy of Jewelry Making Daily

According to my friends who dabble in Chinese astrology, 2014 — the Year of the Horse — means that we may be in for a wild ride! In general, a year of the horse is supposed to bring good things and good luck. Energy in a horse year is said to be casual and wild, and all the changes and fluctuations that happen during the course of the year may feel overwhelming for some people. Of course, I look at each new year in Chinese astrology as a good way to use some new gemstones in my beading projects to help me tap into the celestial energies of each symbol of the Chinese zodiac!

Check out some of my favorite gemstones that are believed to be helpful during the year of the horse!

Beryl family gemstones. The beryl family of gemstones includes some of my favorites, like emerald and aquamarine. The soothing, watery color of aquamarine comes from trace amounts of iron found in this member of the beryl family, and the name comes from the Latin words for "sea water". Aquamarine is said to enhance calming and cleansing energy — which will come in handy during the roller coaster ride we're in for during the year of the horse! Aquamarine can help someone "go with the flow", another trait that can help you succeed when you feel like there are many changes going on around you.

Emerald nugget beads

Another member of the beryl family, emerald beads may be a little more difficult to come by, but can also prove useful during the year of the horse. Believed to enhance one's intuition and bring unconscious knowledge to the conscious mind, emerald may help you when faced with a snap decision during the year of the horse. The tumbled nugget forms of emerald (like the one pictured here from Lima Beads) is also believed to promote self-esteem and activate creativity! (Get out your emeralds and your beads!)

Topaz. If aquamarine and emerald aren't your favorite gemstones to use in jewelry-making, look at beautiful natural and treated topaz. In its natural form, topaz is colorless, similar to a diamond, but traces of impurities (from other minerals) can result in yellow, maroon, orange, or blue/brown varieties of the gemstone.

In some traditions, topaz is believed to attract wealth and money — useful for the predicted upheavals in world economies during the year of the horse. Topaz is also believed to allow one to follow their dreams and aspirations, leading to a more productive life. And in the Chinese year of the horse, it's all about taking action and seeing results!

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