3 Beading Ideas to Celebrate 3 Great Years of Beading Daily!

Beading Daily is three years old this week.

In this short time, we have grown to more than 220,236 members from nearly every country in the world. That's certainly something to shout about! Here at Interweave, we blew some party horns, ate cupcakes, and laughed a lot to celebrate the fact that Beading Daily is no longer an infant! To honor all of you for building Beading Daily's three fabulous years, I want to share three of my favorite beading ideas from three of our Special Interest Publications

Create your own jewelry focal pieces:
My favorite tip

Sometimes I get in a rut and stick to using only a few favorite techniques for featuring focal pieces in my jewelry. When I read the Fun with Focals article that Danielle Fox and Michelle Mach wrote for The Best of Stringing, I loved their 30 ingenious tips and felt ready to spring into action! Here's the first tip I tried. Cranberry Wreath by Allison Hoffmann uses a filigree pendant and embellishes it with pearls by wire wrapping them to the pendant. They form a little flower and it's a great 3-dimensional addition to tie in with the pearl strands of the necklace. I love working with those large filigree findings and hadn't tried this yet. Very exciting!

How to bling up the bling in your jewelry:
My favorite design

It's no secret. I have a love affair with crystals. My name is the first clue, thanks to my mom, who must have had a premonition. Funny thing-I actually didn't play with crystals or use them in my designs until much later in my jewelry-making career. My preferred flavors were more subtle earthtones (believe it or not), very organic and natural looking.

That's all a blurry, distant memory now. It seems everything I touch must bling: My day isn't complete without a sparkle or two. However, the more I have used crystals in my designs, the more I have learned about adding drama to my designs. That's why I fancy the Crystal Squared bracelet by Diana Thomas-Willis from Bead Star 2009. Diana combined scrumptious emerald aurora borealis crystal bicones with silver charms and black beads; then pulled the whole look together with black aluminum chain. It's a real stunner and the black chain pops all the greenish-blue crystal colors. I can't wait to add high-contrast drama to my next crystalicious design.

Patina adds richness to your jewelry designs:|
My favorite vintage style

On the other end of the sparkly spectrum is my favorite project from Easy Wire 2009. I love the look of aged metals. Gaea Cannaday's Garden Drops Bracelet is rich in green copper patina and moonstone beads. Once you start patinating copper, it's hard to stop. Create your own vintage jewelry treasures by gathering a bunch of copper findings, chain, and charms, then patina them in simple salt and vinegar solutions. When you're done, these elements will look as if you dug them out of your grandma's attic or a pirate's treasure chest. Gaea slipped a few elegant wire-wrapped pearl dangles onto the bracelet, which makes this lovely bracelet look even more precious!

The Whole gang

Happy 3rd Birthday
Beading Daily


Erin and Christina

Too many cupcakes

There is nothing like a shot of inspiration (and java) to get you moving on your next jewelry-making project. These three special issues did precisely that for me. Gotta run and make stuff!

Come bead with me.


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