3 Bead Embellishment Tips

Three Bead Embellishment Tips

  • "If the beads move around on the thread, the stitch uses too much thread for the number of beads. When you complete a stitch, put the needle into the fabric a little closer to the beads so that the beads are snug on the thread without crowding each other."– Beaded Embellishment by Amy C. Clarke and Robin Atkins

Beaded bag from the book, Beaded Embellishment


  • "Wash your fabric before beading, to clean it and also to preshrink the fibers. Beaded fabric can usually be handwashed."–Getting Started with Seed Beads by Dustin Wedekind
  • "Four is not a magic number. [Backstitch] can also be done with 3 or 5 beads, always going through the last 2 beads added. If there are more than 5 beads, the line will start to get unstable."–Beading on Fabric by Larkin Jean Van Horn

See an illustration of backstitch on the techniques page.

Inspired by . . . YOU 

Beading Daily reader Jeanne Evans created this lovely version of the Flowerette Chain, a recent Beading Daily featured project from the book, Zulu Inspired Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald. Instead of a bracelet, Jeanne created a necklace and added a flower of her own creation.

Another Beading Daily reader, Shirley Lim of Singapore, also created a necklace version of this project, which you can view on her blog, Beading Fantasy. Shirley used 1.5mm cubes to create her 38-inch necklace.

Simple Wirewrapped Bracelet

Drops of Jupiter by Marcella Austenfeld uses wrapped loops, borosilicate glass beads, and Thai silver. A photo of this project was featured in Easy Wire. (The instructions are exclusively for Beading Daily members.)

At left: A close-up of Drops of Jupiter

Four other easy wirework projects are now available:

Coming Friday: Beading for a good cause, plus how to use hardboiled eggs in your next earring project!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. Here's what she's wondering today: Why is it so much easier to name other people's projects than to name your own?

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