3 All New Designs to Bead on Vacation

I'm setting sail next week. A bead cruise, actually. I'll be teaching for a few days, but the other days will be filled with relaxation as I soak in the sun and watch dolphins chase ahead of the ship. I can't quite believe it, actually. Hanging out with beadworkers is good enough, but wow, exchanging the dirty snowbanks of a Minnesota March for white sand beaches? Heaven. 


Those of you who know me, though, can imagine that while I'll be able to sit like a baked potato in a lounge chair for a couple days, my fingers will soon start itching to do something. Maybe you're headed on a spring break, too? And maybe you've got itchy fingers, too? If so, you probably know exactly what to pack as far as beading supplies go. You'll need your beading box and a work surface, making sure there's nothing that will trip you up in airport security. (A tip for American travelers: follow the TSA guidelines very carefully, then print out the guidelines and place them in your bead box; this way no TSA official can argue with your bead kit's contents.) You'll need your magnifying glasses, but you'll also want to bring some sunglasses in case you bead outside; I'm going to pick myself up a pair of those dorky clip-ons so I can wear my bifocals. (And in the case of beading outside, don't forget the sunscreen! We all know how the hours fly by as we bead, and a sunburn isn't what you need on vacation.)


You'll also need something to bead. I just received a list of the newest beading project additions to the Beading Daily store. Here are my favorites:

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Sequin Shimmer

by Cindi Slater

This is a fun-looking bracelet that's actually easier to do than it looks. In fact, I think I could probably make this one with a mai tai close by. It's made with a square-stitched base, then embellished with copper discs.

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Sweet Bumblebee

by Nancy Cain

There won't be any mai-tai drinking with this sculptural design, but I love this cute little insect. I can see a whole army of them sitting on a honeycomb base of lattice weave. It's a wonderfully challenging project done with flat and tubular peyote stitch as well as some kinked fringe to make the legs and stinger.


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Spring Blossoms

by Melinda Barta

This is a very pretty necklace design that combines seed bead work with metals, one of my favorite pairings! I like the idea that I can make one of the tiny flowers in 20 minutes or so, then go play a round of shuffleboard, make another, attempt the limbo, make another, take a hot tub (to heal from the limbo antics), make another, etc. The perfect vacation project!

What are you bringing to bead on your spring vacation? There are twenty new projects in the Beading Daily store. Why not do like I've done and pick a few out for yourself to make your vacation even more fun?

Happy beading-

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