11 Ways to Wear a Rope Necklace

11 Ways to Wear a Rope Necklace

I have a sick kid at home today. She’s barking like a seal, but she doesn’t have a fever so she’s got just enough energy to knock on my office door every half hour. Not too conducive to the technical editing I’m doing this week. So I put her to good use by asking her to organize my jewelry “vault”—the nearly bed-size plastic box where I keep most of my finished jewelry.

She just came in with a piece I made for Getting Started Stringing Beads. I remember when I made it and thought it was so ridiculously plain. That was Emma’s reaction, too: “Mom, this necklace is so boooooring!” But after I sat her down on the couch and showed her all the different ways you can wear it, I think she’s changed her mind. Check out this list:

Doubled, then Knotted
Twisted through Ring

Twisted with another necklace

Yet another necklace thrown on top

The possibilities are endless! Trust me, I’ve been witnessing that as she’s been working on more ways to wear this thing all afternoon. Who knew that a necklace could provide such entertainment after it was made?

I used just one type of pearl, flexible beading wire, and a couple crimp tubes to make my 48” rope necklace, but you can certainly get more inventive. For inspiration check out the rope necklace by Sara E. Graham on the cover of the latest volume of Creative Jewelry. It incorporates wood, seed beads, and bicones, creating a colorful textural look. While you’re exploring this issue, study the pearl knotting tutorial inside to learn how to make a traditional pearl rope necklace—the kind Josephine Baker might have worn. It’s a great issue with lots of innovative jewelry designs. And, if you’re home sick today, but have just enough energy to bead, you can buy and enjoy Creative Jewelry right now because it’s available online as a PDF download you can receive instantly. Ain’t that the coolest?

Do you have some imaginative ways to wear rope necklaces? Share your tips on the website.

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