If You Know These 11 Bead Weaving Stitches You Can Make the Projects in Exotic Adornments

At first glance, the projects in Kelly Weise’s Exotic Adornments might appear to be really difficult. It’s an easy assumption to make when you’re looking at such opulent, luxurious jewelry. I’ll admit to needing to wipe some droll off my computer screen the first time I saw them too!

Here’s the thing, all this luxury can be boiled down to really basic stitches. I’m guessing you already know more than a few of these.

Right-Angle Weave
Cubic Right-Angle Weave
Flat Even-Count Peyote
Circular Peyote
Ladder Stitch
Brick Stitch
2-Drop Brick Stitch
Circular Netting
Flat Herringbone
Circular Herringbone

Breaking Projects into Basic Stitches

I find it fascinating to dissect pieces into the simple elements that make them what they are. Understanding the parts allows you to focus on one bit at a time, making the end piece more achievable.

Glitz and Glamour Necklace

Exotic Adornments

This opulent necklace from Exotic Adorments uses just 2 basic stitches.

The Glitz and Glamour necklace is the perfect example of project that looks more difficult than it is. Yes, the skill level is intermediate, but if you know peyote stitch and how to make fringe, you’ve got what it takes to stitch this. As Kelly says, “This piece looks much more complicated than it actually is. One basic component makes up the necklace—there are just a lot of them!”

Gala Necklace

Exotic Adornments

This design, fit for a queen, is made using peyote stitch and circular netting.

Like the Glitz and Glamour necklace, the Gala necklace looks like an over-the-top design, but it too uses just two stitches. Peyote stitch and netting combine to make a deceptively decadent piece. Kelly suggests making just one layer of bezeled crystals if you want a slightly more subdued design.

All Squared Away Bracelet

Exotic Adornments

Peyote stitch and right-angle weave made this stunning cuff.

The All Squared Away bracelet is one of my absolute favorite designs in Exotic Adornments. I love its dimension and structure. It’s a cuff that gets attention—in the best possible way—when light bounces off the crystals. Broken down, this piece uses right-angle weave and peyote stitch.

I think it’s more difficult to find an occasion worthy of these beautiful designs than it will be to stitch them. Though, with the holidays around the corner, there is sure to be a festive party or two needing something special. With a few basic stitches, Kelly’s fantastic step-by-step instructions, and a little patience, you’ll have something truly special to wear.

Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Bead beautiful, luxury jewelry with Exotic Adornments!


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