10 Things You Didn't Know About: Danielle Fox

10 Things You Didn't Know About Danielle Fox

The third installment of our series reveals some fun and interesting factoids about our fearless leader, Editorial Director Danielle Fox.

1. She had a paper route in junior high school.

2. She is a pescetarian.

3. Her bernese mountain dog weighs in at a whopping 100 pounds, and her late fish, Scuba Steve, lived to be nine years old!

4. Her favorite summer activity is attending the Blues and Brews Fest in the beautiful mountain town of Keystone.

5. She has run two marathons and over a dozen half-marathons!

6. Her favorite foods are ice cream and pizza, and having them both at once is sheer Heaven.

7. The most elaborate piece of jewelry she's ever made was on the cover of Jewelry Stringing's Spring 2010 issue.

8. She was in a sorority in college.

9. She still has one baby tooth.

10. She has watched When Harry Met Sally about a zillion times!

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