10 Reasons We Love Making Beaded Gifts

y Holiday Beading

Above: One of my holiday gifts decorated with a ceramic snowman bead from Studio 59.

I've finished my holiday beading! It helped that my list was short this year–two pairs of earrings, a purple chain maille bracelet, and a few beaded snowflakes. I also stretched the meaning of "beading" gifts: For one of my beading friends–a busy mom–I created a simple earring kit with some handmade ceramic cupcake beads, ear wires, headpins, and round beads for the top of the cupcake. I also promised another friend with a 6-year-old daughter that I would come over one day and make some "Princess jewelry" with large, sparkly plastic beads and elastic cord. (I have a feeling that the experience will be more of an education for me than for the 6-year-old!)

So why do we love to make beaded gifts? Here are 10 reasons from Beading Daily readers:

1. It's personal.

"I think it's a rather nice personal touch to give a handmade gift no matter what it is."

"I really enjoy making jewelry gifts for my friends. I have gotten requests from family members on things they would like and it sure makes Christmas shopping a lot easier. Also, it really makes me feel good to see my friends wear things that I have made for them."

2. It costs less.

"It makes sense financially. (I do not really have much money to spend on gifts, so I'll make them myself.)"

"Everyone loves jewelry and I can make it so much cheaper than purchasing it."

"My husband is in Iraq so it is helping me to pass the time, plus saving money and giving our family and friends something really nice for Christmas."

3. It's safer.

"I always make beaded gifts as well as other types of handmade items for the holidays, but this year seems even more important with all the recalls on products out of China. It's time for America to get back to its roots!"

4. It makes good business sense.

"Just about everyone on my list will be getting beaded jewelry this year, including the guys! I look at it as a gift for them and free advertisement of my work for me!"

5. It beats shopping.

"I HATE to shop, even before I worked retail, I HATED it. This way, I get to be creative in spurts and everyone loves the uniqueness of their gifts."

6. It's a fun way to learn–and show-off–new skills:

"Knotted pearl necklaces all around since I finally mastered knotting."

"I will be making about 20-25 pairs of coin pearl dangle earrings. My wire wrapping skills are getting better already and I'm only halfway through."

7. It's a fabulous recruiting tool.

"My dear sister-in-law brought me a gift of a lovely turquoise peyote bracelet, I loved it and asked her to show me how to make it. Now, at least 10 beaded projects later, I'm seriously hooked!"

8. It's good stress relief.

"Last year I made 20-something beaded animals, pikachus, Glindas, balls, snowmen, etc. for my people as Christmas gifts, but also because I needed a little bit of anti-stress therapy (horrible evil exams)."

"It's less stressful than shopping at the mall and trying to get that person, just the right something. This is from the heart."

9. It's tradition.

"It's tradition that my mom gets a new jewelry set every year for Christmas."

10. It's hard to explain.

"I must be crazy!!"


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Story Updates: Several readers sent in great tips for Wednesday's snowflake project–be sure to check those out! I've also added a photo of reader Diane Smith's bugle bead necklace, since there was a question about her technique. Finally, if you missed the interview with clay bead artist Melanie Brooks Lukacs, you may want to take a look–and learn how to enter her holiday bead giveaway!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. And yes, she is going to bead during her vacation! How could she not?

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