10 Reasons to Bead Happy

Ever have one of those weeks? You rip your skirt getting out of the car, your boss says something upsetting, the grocery store has absolutely no mint chip ice cream . . .

And then something happens to put it all into perspective. In my case, I found a rattlesnake in my garage. Big, poisonous, and looking like his week was going about as well as mine.

That little drama reminded me to first, remember to breathe. And second, stop dwelling on the negatives and instead reflect on some of the wonderful beady things that made me smile during the past three weeks. (Can you believe that's how long Beading Daily has been live?)

10. Beading Daily reader Cariad, who wrote: "I'm enjoying your articles and making use of one from 'Color Your World', mixing not-so-loved beads with much-loved purple. Got to work on a necklace last night at friend's house, and even though it's unfinished and she's not a purple fan, I had to hand her a napkin. Drool is probably bad for the thread."
Trying something new

9. I took my first dichroic glass class and made a tiny glass and PMC pendant. It's always exciting to try something new!

8. The 57 entries in the "I'll Fly Away" Stringing challenge! I was amazed at the diversity—and very, very thankful that I am not allowed to vote in the "Reader's Choice" judging! (You, on the other hand, should hop over and choose your favorite design. The "Reader's Choice" will appear in the winter issue of Stringing.) And to the hundreds who let me know that they wanted to join a Beading Daily challenge, don't worry—your turn is coming!

7. Designer Jean Yates's blog title, which always makes me laugh: "Snap out of it Jean! There's beading to be done!."
Square-stitched crystals
Coming soon!

6. My friend Jennifer, who not only invited me to her beading group, but also brought me a beaded present: a blue-and-white beaded scissors fob. No one understands you like your beading buddies!

5. Seeing photos of two beaded ledger books by Dallin Maybee that earned the "Best of Show" award at this year's Santa Fe Indian Market. The books were hand-illustrated in watercolor and ink on 1863 ledger paper. Wow!
Luring a new beader

4. My editorial calendar. Imagine buying all these gifts for your friends, wrapping them up, and then having to wait weeks or months before they can be opened. An article on soldering. A project using crystals and square stitch. Bead embroidery tips. Seed bead tips. A wireworked pearl necklace. A bead artist who creates structures using more than 200,000 beads. A bead crochet bag. . . I feel like I'm going to burst every time I look at my calendar. You have no idea how many wonderful goodies are in store for you!

3. Beaded jewelry for pets. (Need I say more?)

2. The employee in a local bead shop who noticed a slight variation in color in some seed beads and suggested spreading them all out on the counter so I could take my time and pick the exact strands that I wanted.

1. A diehard knitting co-worker who (for the third time, not that I'm counting), said, "I thinking about that project in Stringing, the long necklace with the garnets . . . maybe I'll make that." Then she said, (and this was when I knew we had her), "And if it turns out, maybe I'll make some for my sisters in different colors." There's nothing like luring someone new over to the beading side of life!



Don't forget to download this week's featured project, the Harlequin Bracelet from the book, Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher. Carol will be teaching at BeadFest Philadelphia this weekend. I'll be at the show too (hanging out at the Interweave booth), so please stop by and say hello!

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