10 Peach Beading Patterns for National Peach Month

It’s National Peach Month—my favorite fruit—and here in Fort Collins, we can’t get enough peaches! The Fort Collins Peach Festival on August 18th features peach food, beer, and even margaritas! I can’t wait for the peach pancake breakfast. Searching for ways to incorporate my beading into the event, I discovered ten peach beading patterns to share! Which one will you make?

Peach Beading Patterns

1. Oculi Cuff by Marie New (Beadwork, April/May 2018)

Use Demi Round seed beads and 3mm melon rounds to create Marie New’s Oculi Cuff, a lacy bracelet inspired by the oculus of a dome in classic architecture. The peach in this bracelet is just subtle enough to make a great accent piece to the peach pie you’re eating!

Peach Beading Patterns

2. Pondo Lace Bracelet by Cristie Prince (Beadwork, April/May 2018)

Demi Round seed beads bring a new lacy look to the centuries-old Pondo stitch in Cristie Prince’s Pondo Lace Bracelet. The diagonal stripe the beads form makes it fun to stitch and creates a fashion-forward design. This bracelet also pairs well with peach margaritas.

Peach Beading Patterns

3. Thistle Blossom Bracelet by Kassie Shaw (Beadwork, December 2017/January 2018)

Kassie Shaw’s Thistle Blossom Bracelet uses a variation of right-angle weave and tubular peyote stitch to add seed beads and crescents around cushion beads to create components that resemble thistle flowers. This fun floral-inspired bracelet is a must-have to advance your right-angle weave and tubular peyote stitch skills. Show off you’re beading skills with this bracelet while you’re in line for the peach pancake breakfast!

Peach Beading Pattern

4. Caliente Bracelet by Michelle Gowland (Beadwork, October/November 2017)

Michelle Gowland’s bold Caliente Bracelet is made of intricate medallions, the size of which can easily be altered with simple adjustments for a perfect bracelet fit. This bracelet is perfect for watching the peach pie eating contest, but I would suggest taking it off if you’re participating this year!

Peach Beading Patterns

5. Poppy Delights Earrings by Suz Klumb (Beadwork, April/May 2017)

Suz Klumb’s Poppy Delights Earrings use circular brick stitch to embellish the edges of vibrant leather flowers. Add a ring of seed beads to the centers and adorn with smaller leather flowers for an easy pair of earrings. Draw attention to these by eating some peach ice cream in a cone or a cup!

Peach Beading Patterns

6. Circles of Fun by Beth A. Moser (Quick + Easy Beadwork 2018)

Beth A. Moser’s Circles of Fun bracelet features bronze links embellished with circular brick stitch and playful wireworked dangles to show off your unique vibe. This bracelet is a “fun” way to show off your love of peaches at the ticket booth!

Peach Beading Patterns

7. Boardwalk Necklace by Alice Kharon (Beadwork, August/September 2015)

Show off your beading skills with Alice Kharon’s colorful Boardwalk Necklace! In no time you will have one of your most favorite jewelry pieces. With its subtle beachy colors, this easy-to-make seed bead-rich necklace drapes in a perfect, graceful curve. This necklace pairs well with your stroll down the market place (make sure to pick up some peach jam for breakfast tomorrow).

Peach Beading Patterns

8. Round and Round We Go Bracelet by Julie Glasser (Beadwork, April/May 2012)

Discover Julie Glasser’s Round and Round We Go Bracelet that uses circular right-angle weave to create a striking bracelet design. Challenge your skills with this project that yields beautiful end results. Experiment in colors to get the look that is just perfect for you and the color of peach beer you’re drinking.

Peach Beading Patterns

9. Peach Fizz Bracelet by Melissa Grakowsky Shippee (Quick + Easy Beadwork 2017)

Melissa Grakowsky Shippee’s vibrant Peach Fizz Bracelet is formed by working repeating units of circular peyote stitch, then finished with a beaded clasp. Wear this bracelet to match your peach soda, but don’t let the fizz get on these beautiful beads!

Peach Beading Pattern

10. Peach Princess by Ruby Bayan (Jewelry Stringing, Spring 2006)

Gold and glitter, swaying leaves, and the soft shimmer of peach – the elements of Ruby Bayan’s Peach Princess necklace will take you to the land of fairy princesses, dreams, and fantasies. Wear this when you receive you’re 5k award on stage and wave for your adoring fans!

There are so many choices and so little time! Which ones will you make? If peaches aren’t your favorite fruit, try these patterns in their alternate colorways for beautiful jewelry you’ll want for every occasion, not just the peach festival.

Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

Find more patterns at the Interweave Store.

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