How 1 Beader Can Inspire You To Stitch An Old Beading Pattern

Last May, I received a reader email asking for clarification about a Beadwork beading pattern from 2003. The reader, Linda Parent, was making great progress on The Palitos Necklace by Mary Harte from the June/July 2003 issue of Beadwork, but she was stuck on one section of the instructions. Although my first thought was, “Oh my, how am I going to help with a pattern from long before my time with Beadwork?” we quickly worked through the step together, and she was back on her way to finishing the project.

Fast forward to a month ago in February, when I received another email from Linda. This time, she was writing to tell me she finished the project, of which she also sent a photo. I was honored that Linda thought to share her finished piece with me. Her experience stitching one of our older patterns inspired me, and I wanted to share her success with you in a short interview, below. Perhaps it will inspire you to finally stitch some of the patterns you’ve flagged over the years, just as she did.

How 1 Beader’s Experience Can Inspire You To Stitch An Old Beading PatternQ: Tell us about yourself.

A: I’m a 62-year-old retired Licensed Practical Nurse. I live in Cromwell, Connecticut, with my husband of 41 years. He was my high school sweetheart and has been very supportive of my hobby. We have a daughter, a grandson, and a rescued cat named Rosie.

Q: How long have you been beading?

A: I began beading in 2003. I suffered from depression, so my daughter suggested that we do a weekly craft. There was a bead store in Middletown, Connecticut, where we decided to take a beading class. We each learned how to make a bracelet in the class, and I’ve been hooked since.

Q: What attracted you to the Palitos Necklace from Beadwork June/July 2003?

A: I was attracted to this piece because of the colors. Also, I had enjoyed making a few netted necklaces before.

Q: How long ago did you flag this project before you started?

A: I had actually stitched this same necklace over 10 years ago, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the finished product. I took the necklace apart, and I stored the beads in a Tupperware container for years. In May 2016 I decided to try it again.

How 1 Beader’s Experience Can Inspire You To Stitch An Old Beading PatternQ: Did you make any alterations to the pattern?

A: Yes, I substituted red seed beads in a section where the original pattern called for blue. I love red, and the beads contrasted nicely with the black seed beads.

Q: What are the pros to revisiting older patterns?

A: Referencing older patterns is a great way to find projects that use classic seed beads instead of the new two-hole or shaped beads.

Q: What do you plan to do with this necklace now that you’ve finished?

A: I love making jewelry, but I don’t actually wear my finished pieces. This necklace will probably be left to my daughter, but I may also enter it in a local county fair.

Is there a jewelry project you’ve wanted to make for years but haven’t gotten around to? Let Linda’s experience inspire you to finally gather the materials and stitch it!

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