Woven Shibori: Making Crimp Cloth Video Download

Imagine great looking handwoven garments and scarves that can travel with you anywhere and never wrinkle! Learn the secret from Dianne Totten.
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Woven Shibori: Making Crimp Cloth

with Dianne Totten

3.5 Hours

Imagine handwoven garments and accessories that flatter every body shape and size and change color as you move. Imagine cloth where the woven pattern is just a starting point for a subtle interplay of texture, light, and shadow. Imagine great looking handwoven garments and scarves that can travel with you anywhere and never wrinkle! The secret is woven shibori, cloth that collapses or crimps after weaving. In this video, Dianne Totten teaches how to create her version of woven shibori, called “crimp cloth,” which uses heat-reactive fibers to create flexibility and visual excitement.

You'll learn:

  • How to weave crimp cloth in weft or warp
  • How to design drafts for crimp cloth
  • How to process and care for the woven cloth
  • How color and crimp interact to create fascinating patterns and effects
  • Ideas for using your stash in crimp cloth projects

Along with Dianne’s video workshop, this video gives you a printable booklet with tips and trick, fiber facts, drafts, record sheets for your own designs, and more.


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Additional Info
SKU EP10955
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Customer Reviews (3)
Very fun technique! Dianne shares the basics for exploring "what if . . ."
I found this video download very intriguing. Dianne gives the basics about how handwoven warp and weft shibori can be used to create permanent interesting textured patterns on any existing warp on any loom by using thermoplastic yarns that hold their shape when heated. This is not a dye technique. Even those with rigid heddle looms can be successful by using a pick-up technique to include the pull-pattern threads that create the texture, but more designs are possible with more shafts so this video is better for those with at least 4shafts and possibly 8 and more. DIanne can only offer a starting point for exploration since there are so many possibilities. I found it helpful to take notes and to pause the video at times to clarify the process. She gives enough information and helpful tips to get started. Once you understand the basics of weaving a ground cloth and placing pull-threads every quarter inch which will be pulled tight after removed from the loom you need to experiment with the technique and you will discover all sorts of possibilities. This is a good video for a weaver who is comfortable with the basics of weaving, reading drafts and enjoys experimenting. Review by Kathy (Posted on 11/16/2015)
video needs serious editing
While several camera angles were used, many times the one chosen did not show what Dianne was talking about. There was a lot of time used showing every thread clip and every thread pulled and every knot tied, often with no audio. The drafts were so small as to be unreadable, and like another reviewer said, no .pdf files were included in the DVD. Some of the drafts shown had the treadling off the edge of the screen so you only saw the threading. Several times Dianne either had no sample to show what she was talking about, or said of the sample, "I don't know what I did here, but I have records." It was as if everything was done in one take, and if she wasn't prepared, so be it. Probably the most important aspect of crimp weave is the choice of threads to use, and she barely talked about them, and never explained WHY her tips were important. i.e. why is it important to let the cloth cool before clipping the pull threads. I imagine it is to give the crimps a chance to set, but she didn't say. Review by Rebecca (Posted on 8/10/2015)
Misleading title
This video is not about shibori that by definition is a technique of dyeing. No dyeing here. It is about making a crimp cloth by using acrylic yarns. Video is unnecessary long, because there is too much time spent on basic dressing of the loom. Watching tying the warp to a front beam full width is like watching a grass grow. Boring. On the other hand, yarns for the technique are just mentioned, not given any emphasis.
I would like to see a video by Catherine Ellis on woven shibori.
Review by Inga (Posted on 4/28/2015)
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