Wire Jewelry Workshop eBook

Susan Ray knows the classic basic wire jewelry techniques are always in style. Learn how to create special wire jewelry pieces with more than 20 exciting, challenging and simple jewelry making projects.
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You’ll Love This Wire Jewelry eBook If:

  • You want to make fun & professional quality wire jewelry pieces step-by-step
  • You want to learn basic wire jewelry making techniques from expert Susan Ray
  • You love making jewelry & are looking for new projects to take your skills to the next level

Susan Ray knows the classic basic wire jewelry techniques are always in style. Learn how to create special wire jewelry pieces with more than 20 exciting, challenging and simple jewelry making projects. Susan shares her favorite jewelry making tips and tips from more experts.

This guide is a must-have for any jewelry artist or beginner looking to master new techniques. Learn how to make a wire bracelet, a necklace, earrings, rings and much more with these unique projects. When you start with these basic wire working techniques you can create your own special pieces. Learn how to wrap wire, how to twist wire and how to coil wire and get ready to start creating!

In the Wire Jewelry Workshop eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to cut and bend wire safely & professionally
  • How to make P loops and eye loops and much more in more than 20 jewelry making projects
  • Chain maille, jump rings, and a wrapped bead link technique to add new life to your wire jewelry project

Check Out This Excerpt From Wire Jewelry Workshop:

Techniques for Using a Jig
There are many jigs for making jewelry on the market now, and, as with all tools, there are right ways and wrong ways to use them. Here are a few suggestions that will make using a jig easier.

STEP A: When using a jig, start all patterns by fixing the wire to the jig, using a loop in the wire over a peg in the jig. This applies to all patterns — even those patterns where you will be cutting off the loop after the wire component is completed.

STEP B: Most patterns will work better by starting with only two pegs in the jig. Place the initial loop on the first peg and bend the wire against the second peg, per your pattern.

STEP C: Continue to wrap your wire, adding a peg as you go. If you begin with a pattern of 10 pegs, and all 10 pegs are in your jig, eight of them will be in your way. Simply stated, start with two pegs and add as you go.

STEP D: Wire is naturally springy, especially half-hard wire. If you push it 30 degrees and then let go, the wire may spring back 10 degrees. When making a wire component on a jig, push the wire beyond where you want the wire to stay, and remove the grip on the wire to see where it will stay. Making a wire component on a jig is a series of pushing the wire, removing the grip to see if the wire stays where you want it, and then pushing more if necessary.

STEP E: Push the wire with your fingers as close to the pegs on the jig as possible. The operative word here is "push." You will not be successful if you grab the wire by its end and try to pull the wire into position. This will introduce unwanted bends in your wire.

STEP F: When making a wire component on a jig, always start with straight wire and keep the unused wire straight as you go. In general, the easiest way to keep your wire straight is to hold the wire and push the wire with your dominant hand, while you turn the jig in your nondominant hand.

STEP G: A good jewelry-making practice is to make any new jewelry item three times using inexpensive practice wire that you plan to throw away, before making a finished piece using good wire. Measure the amount of wire you used on these practice pieces, so that when you are ready to use your expensive wire, you can cut the correct amount.

A Word From the Author:

" In reviewing projects made with wire for this book, I was immediately taken with the ease at which you can add these exciting techniques into your own work. Wire Jewelry Workshop will give you a glimpse into the many techniques and tools used today. Many of these same designs are being sold by top designers selling to boutiques nationwide. And you can create them, teach them and sell them too!" — Susan Ray

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