Weaving with Novelty Yarns DVD

Master weaver Tom Knisely teaches that weaving with novelty yarns can open a whole new world of design possibilities for woven fabric.
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Weaving with Novelty Yarn


with Tom Knisely


Many weavers have been taught that there are “weaving yarns” (the ones that come on cones), and then there are “novelty” knitting yarns that can’t be used on a loom.

In this video, master weaver, mythbuster, and yarn explorer Tom Knisely shows that weaving yarn doesn’t have to come on a cone, and that weaving with novelty yarns opens a whole new world of design possibilities for woven fabric.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tell which yarns are right for warp
  • How to pair novelty yarns with other yarns to enhance durability
  • Tricks for designing, warping, and weaving with delicate or textured yarns
  • How to repair a broken thread quickly and cleanly
  • How to finish novelty fabrics
  • The best hemstitching trick you’ve ever seen!

Tom has spent his teaching and weaving career in a yarn shop, experimenting with every kind of yarn there is, and now you can reap the riches of his vast experience, his weaving wisdom, and his ever-present sense of fun. With Tom at your side, every delicious yarn in your stash or your local yarn shop will become fertile ground for your weaving imagination.

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Customer Reviews (6)
So much more than novelty yarns
I think it's unfair to give a one star rating to this video because it's perhaps not titled correctly. Is there more that could be said about weaving with novelty yarns, yes, but he gives great guidelines to help weavers decide whether a novelty yarn could be used in the warp or weft, and how to combine a variety of yarn sizes and textures into one project.

I had so many "No way!" moments watching this video, I lost count. I've been weaving for three years, and was excited to learn a less straining way to sley the reed, tie on, and thread the heddles with one hand. Tom is a very clear and thorough teacher and I'd recommend this video to any weaver.
Review by Jen (Posted on 3/29/2016)
The techique doesn't always work
The production values of this product are excellent, and he is always a very good teacher. But the techniques he recommends don't always work out and our questions couldn't be answered in the video; we are not novice weavers. It'd take too long here to tell you the problems and why the projects failed. If you have smooth sailing with your mixed warps, then you are fortunate. Review by Nina (Posted on 12/5/2015)
Misleading Title
This video would be more aptly described as a warping refresher weaving a simple scarf using a mixed warp. The video spends maybe ten minutes discussing novelty yarns. The rest of the video shows how to warp your loom and hemstitch. I was hoping for a larger discussion on how to incorporate novelty yarns into weaving and how to overcome some challenges that could come up. The only real information was how to come up with a sett for a plain weave scarf. No mention of using them for supplemental warps or wefts. No hints on how to overcome a yarn so slippery it won't hold a knot or how to use that cone of eyelash yarn that looked so pretty.

Tom Knisely does a nice job describing how he warps the loom and gives some helpful hints. That is not what I was expecting on this video. There are other videos whose main purpose is to explain the basic weaving process.
Review by Robin (Posted on 6/18/2015)
Very Good
This video is very informative with many tips and processes that apply to all facets of weaving, not just weaving with novelty yarn. It's one of the best videos on weaving I've ever viewed. Review by Marianne (Posted on 6/7/2015)
Great shortcuts
This video really helped tie it all together for me. Great tips and shortcuts. Clear instructions. Review by Karen (Posted on 5/10/2015)
Answers a lot of my questions
As ever, even on a DVD about weaving with novelty yarn, Tom Knisely has many tips on other parts of weaving. I found the dvd to be informative and helpful on using novelty yarn.

I liked it, and have a project designed to try these yarns next.
Review by Sherri (Posted on 4/22/2015)
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