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Join expert Madelyn van der Hoogt as she teaches you everything you need to know to create your own designer fabrics with deflected doubleweave.
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Deflected doubleweave may be the most versatile weave structure we have today, able to create striking and surprising geometric patterns, three-dimensional fabrics, and even multiple, completely independent but interlaced fabrics. It's easy to design and weave, yet the possibilities are truly endless and it's fun! In this video, Madelyn van der Hoogt teaches everything you need to know to create your own designer fabrics with deflected doubleweave.

In this wevaing video you'll learn:

  • How deflected doubleweave works (and how it differs from regular doubleweave)
  • How to design your own deflected doubleweave drafts and projects
  • How to weave deflected doubleweave cloth for even patterns and good selvedges
  • How to design and weave for differential shrinkage
  • How to wet-finish deflected doubleweave cloth
  • Ideas for playing with color and materials

Along with Madelyn's video workshop, you get a printable booklet on deflected doubleweave weaving, complete with planning exercises, reference materials, and projects you can learn from and use, plus two sets of digital drafts (WIF files) that you can use with weaving software as a starting point for your own designs.

Watch a preview Now:

About the Host:

Madelyn van der Hoogt loves everything about weaving, and she has shared her joy with thousands of weavers over three decades of weaving, writing, and teaching. She is apt to describe whatever structure she is weaving at the moment as her favorite structure, but she insists that deflected doubleweave really is her favorite. Madelyn is the owner of The Weavers School, author of The Complete Book of Drafting, and editor emerita of Handwoven magazine.

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Very good
I found the video very helpful in understanding deflected doubleweave. There were a few parts I had to rewind and watch again to fully get. For me, I will probably grasp things a little better while actually having a project on the loom to weave. There are a couple of minor errors in the handout and a wif file, which I've emailed Interweave about. I believe the doubleweave hem will cause some people problems due to a possible error and (in my opinion) conflicting written instructions versus the treadling draft. The video itself is good, compared to some of the complaints with other videos that seem hurried. The only irritant I found with it was when they were filming her computer screen, the drafts appeared kind of tilted. These issues are minor and I'm still glad I got it. It's gotten me excited about creating my own draft and weaving something. I would recommend it to those wanting to learn more. Review by JS (Posted on 12/5/2015)
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