Ultimate Bead Stitching Essentials Anniversary DVD Collection

Packed with bead stitching essentials, this collection will be your best beading resource! Step-by-step instruction and a wealth of information on techniques will have you taking the next step in your beading projects.

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Improve your beading with the Ultimate Bead Stitching Essentials DVD Collection! Add to your bead stitching knowledge with expert information on bead embroidery, cubic right-angle weave, kumihimo, peyote stitch, and right-angle weave.

Get inspired with hours of video instruction from the best in the business, covering all your favorite bead stitches. Learn bead embroidery with Sherry Serafini, cubic right-angle weave with Marcia DeCoster, and kumihimo with Jill Wiseman. Watch how to create beaded flowers with Jean Campbell and custom beaded clasps with Beadwork Editor Melinda Barta. You'll quickly realize how essential this resource is for the bead enthusiast! This collection comes with 13 must-watch DVDs that will help you expand and advance your beading skills.

See what's inside the collection:

Bead Embroidery: Four Great Lessons

Join Sherry Serafini as she shares her love of bead embroidery, the most freeform style of beadwork. Boost your creativity as you learn how to incorporate shibori ribbon and found objects into your beaded jewelry designs. You'll also learn how to add proper edging and fringe and how to connect components into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Fundamentals and Shaping

Join expert beader Marcia DeCoster for Cubic Right-Angle Weave: Fundamentals and Shaping, her workshop DVD that will teach you the ins and outs of cubic right-angle weave. Get started with the basics of this stitch by learning how to build cubes side-by-side and one on top of the next. Once you've learned how to build a rope of cubic right-angle weave, you can turn the corner and learn how to bead every shape from a circle to a pentagon! This variation on right-angle weave will open the door to new beading projects and fresh jewelry designs!

Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Prismatic Right-Angle Weave and Embellishments

Go beyond the basics when you learn how to add exciting beaded embellishments to cubic right-angle weave and when you learn how to stitch prismatic right-angle weave from an expert. Discover all of this and more from Marcia DeCoster in her workshop DVD Cubic Right-Angle Weave: Prismatic Right-Angle Weave and Embellishments. Begin by experimenting with a variety of bead colors to create contrast and interest in your beaded designs. Next, add beaded embellishments on the surface and in between the beads of your cubic right-angle weave ropes. Then, discover the wonders of prismatic right-angle weave. With so many helpful hints and technique tips, this DVD will make you a cubic and prismatic right-angle weave master in no time!

Kumihimo with Beads

Join 2013 Designer of the Year Jill Wiseman for her DVD workshop dedicated to mastering kumihimo! From prepping your cords to finishing your beaded creation, Jill includes all the kumihimo instructions you need to know! Learn how to easily find your place if you're interrupted, and learn how to back out of your braid if you discover a hole or a mistake in your design. By the end of this 86-minute video workshop, you'll learn new tips, tricks, and basic techniques to make your own kumihimo jewelry at home.

Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs

Join Jean Campbell, former senior editor of Beadwork magazine, as she takes you inside four of her most popular beading classes from the comfort of your own home! Jean Campbell's Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs walks you through everything you need to know to create beautiful beaded jewelry. Whether you're new to bead stitching, or a seasoned pro, there's something for you in this dynamic video. Jean makes each step easy with detailed thread path diagrams, up-close shots, and easy to follow steps in this all-encompassing beading workshop. Get ready to pump up your beadwork with the expert tips and tricks she shares for successfully stitching her gorgeous beadwork projects at home. When you've completed Jean's beading tutorials, you'll have four beautiful, flower embellished jewelry designs and a better understanding of herringbone, peyote, ladder, netting, and right-angle weave stitches.

Shaped Bead Explorations with Penny Dixon

Explore the versatility and beauty of shaped beads with Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Penny Dixon, with two beading video tutorials in which she shares two gorgeous beaded designs. In ThreeDee Bracelet, Penny shows you how to get started working with new bead shapes, including the two-hole crescent and the four-hole tiles and lentils. You'll learn how Penny creates sturdy bases for three-dimensional shapes, and then watch as she adds texture to her designs with crescent beads. In Statement Earrings, Penny demonstrates how four-hole lentils and two-hole bars work together to create lush beaded earrings. With Penny's expert instruction, you'll be able to integrate fresh shaped beads into your beadwork in no time!

Finishing Touches for Beadwork with Melinda Barta

Join Beadwork magazine Editor Melinda Barta for this instructional DVD workshop detailing the best finishes for your beaded jewelry designs. From embellishing with fringe and picots, to working stitch in the ditch, learn how these stitches can give your beaded patterns a truly professional finishing touch. Learn the ins and outs of how to stitch lovely accents perfect for any beaded jewelry design. Then, explore how to incorporate your favorite stitches including peyote stitch, herringbone, and more. Take your jewelry projects to the next level as you discover countless uses for these versatile techniques in your beaded jewelry projects. With detailed thread path diagrams, up-close shots, material lists, and more, Melinda gives you all the information you need to successfully recreate the techniques at home.

Peyote Stitch Companion: Basics

Explore the world of peyote stitch with Beadwork magazine Editor and designer Melinda Barta. After the success of Melinda's best-selling DVD on peyote stitch basics, she's back with an updated and expanded lesson that includes more technique variations than ever before and demonstrations on how to peyote-stitch with two-hole shaped beads. Melinda breaks down the stitching process by focusing on three specific peyote stitch variations--flat, circular, and tubular stitch--in this easy-to-follow step-by-step workshop. She shares many of the tips and tricks featured in The Peyote Stitch Companion eBook, including how to overcome the often-frustrating first stitches and ways to control thread tension. Exploration of peyote stitch is important because it gives you room for creativity on future beadweaving projects.

How to Stitch Custom Clasps

Join artist and author Melinda Barta in 10 watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step-by-step how to finish your beaded jewelry with handmade toggles, rings, buttons and loops, snaps, and more. No more custom beaded designs with stock findings! Set your jewelry apart from the rest and finish your beaded jewelry off in style! Get a front-row seat to this master jewelry-making class you can watch again and again!

Peyote Stitch Companion: Bezels, Shapes & More

Longtime jewelry designer Melinda Barta shares her secrets on how to create various-sized bezels and three-dimensional shapes in her latest video workshop, The Peyote Stitch Companion - Bezels, Shapes & More! You've worked your way through her previous best-selling DVDs on peyote stitch basics, and now you want to discover how to take tubular peyote stitch to the next level. Melinda demonstrates how to control thread tension and explains why this is important to the creation of beaded bezels. From rivolis to cabochons, you'll become enticed with the beautiful jewelry pieces you can make by simply learning the best way to bezel your stones. Best of all, learn how to make three-dimensional components that can be easily incorporated into your own designs. Plunge into this versatile workshop--and also receive a downloadable PDF with step-by-step instructions and illustrations for three bracelets and one necklace from Melinda's book Mastering Peyote Stitch!

Beadweaving Beyond the Basics: Right-Angle Weave Variations

Join author Kassie Shaw for an in-depth exploration of right-angle weave and her variations of this beading technique. Featuring four tutorials, this DVD will give you the tools to create bracelets, pendants, and earrings with Kassie's beading instruction. Learn how to create the shape shifter motif and apply it to your own projects--you'll discover how easy it can be to create a multitude of jewelry pieces from just one design! Build upon Kassie's four different stitches and experiment with different shaped beads, colors, and sizes. Learn Kassie's insider tricks, such as shortcuts to bead stitches and how to create custom designs through simple beading changes. Advance your right-angle weave techniques with these inspiring projects.

Beadwork Designer of the Year Series: Beaded Ropes with Jill Wiseman

Join author, instructor, and beadwork master Jill Wiseman in an exciting video workshop that will teach you everything you need to know to get started stitching beautiful beaded ropes. Learn five ways to stitch beaded ropes, using spiral rope, netting, peyote, herringbone, and right-angle-weave stitches. Then, go beyond the basics and learn important variations to add beautiful patterns. Packed with helpful tips, this must-have video workshop offers something for both beginners and experts.

Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster

Join past Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Marcia DeCoster for her video workshop dedicated to right-angle weave! Learn the fundamentals of this popular and versatile stitch, from basic flat and tubular to advanced cubic variations, from a leading expert. Begin by learning the all-important thread path for successful right-angle weave, plus how to successfully work increases and decreases. Then, build on your skills and discover how to stitch bezels, add embellishments, work with armatures, create layers, and more! Bead with confidence as you grow your skills and discover must-know tips and tricks for finally mastering this complex stitch.

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A great bundle deal - you won't be disappointed.
This is a great anniversary DVD bundle deal. There are so many techniques to learn and projects to make in this bundle of 13 DVD's. I have taken a preliminary look at most DVD's by now and know that I will learn many new techniques And have many enjoyable hours working on new projects. Instructors/Experts speak clearly and concisely and it is very easy to follow their directions and see their illustrations of the techniques. Some DVD's also have downloadable PDF's so if you want to have written illustrations you can easily save or print these too. Review by Sandra (Posted on 9/4/2016)
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