Tips and Tricks for Faster Continental Knitting Video Download

Want to knit faster and more efficiently? Join Biggan Ryd-Dups for this video tutorial.
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Tips & Tricks for Faster Continental Knitting with Biggan Ryd-Dups

In this workshop, Biggan Ryd-Dups will show you how to improve your Continental knitting skills to knit faster, more efficiently, and with better economy of movement. Biggan will teach you how pick up stitches, create buttonholes, knit stripes, and change colors in neat and tidy ways. Plus, with the included Striped Cowl pattern, you can practice Biggan's lessons and create a beautiful accessory.

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About Biggan Ryd-Dubs:
Biggan Ryd-Dubs is a Swedish knitwear designer and knitting instructor living in Australia. Her company, Biggan Design, produces quality Australian merino wool yarn in many different colors. She has taught knitting throughout the world and loves to design colorful, easy-to-knit patterns with a nod to modern Scandinavian design.


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Customer Reviews (4)
I loved this!
This is a very well produced video, very objective and straight to the point. I watched her continental video as well and is equally amazing. She shows how to knit and purl plus works on that beautiful cowl. This method offers great economy of movement, with fingers really close to the needle. There are many ways to hold the yarn in continental, and her way is probably how they hold in countries like Norway. Off course you need to keep tight tension, but that's true for other styles. What surprised me about her videos is the way she purls...I didn't find that way or purling anywhere, not even on youtube, so I had to rewatch a couple of times until I got it. This method of purl requires practice, but once I got it it was the quickest way to purl and speeds up my knitting. She knits really fast by the way. Review by Monica (Posted on 10/26/2016)
Interweave have twice now prevented my submitting my review.
This is a very expensive cowl pattern with the addition of watching some one knitting quickly.
Go to YouTube, it's free. Got to Cheryl Brunnette or Lucy Neatby for way far better tuition, both also on YouTube.
A ruined present for my mother.
Biggan advocates this method for people with arthritic hands........and then proceeds to tell them to" hold the yarn very tightly, very very tight, like this, see? Very tight! "
Do I need to say more? Other than shame on you Interweave. Pity on you Biggan. I thought you were both better than this. Would you be good enough to print my review now?
Review by Penelope (Posted on 8/15/2015)
A very expensive cowl pattern
I've attempted to review this once and it was wiped off, funny old thig that?
So I'll be brief. Review Biggan's other video on the subject of Continental knitting and all the disappointed people's views still apply to this. Don't make my mistake and believe the advertising hype.
Just how does someone with arthritic hands GRIP TIGHTLY?
And just who has ever heard of any knitting teacher telling you to "grip the yarn really,really tightly, like this see, really tight" ? I've never heard of such twot! She doesn't once demean herself to humbly show anything in slow motion, I mean what is this? A see how Biggan knits quickly show? You can see real quick knitting on YouTube by the fastest knitter in the world, Hazel Tindall, and her videos at show slow knitting! For continental knitting, YouTube again ( for free) and also Lucy Neatby and Cheryl Brunette to name a few.
This was a present for my mother, I'm only glad I watched it first. Shame on you Interweave, shame on the producers and shame on Biggan. I thought she was better than this language difficulties or not.
Review by Penelope (Posted on 8/15/2015)
A very expensive cowl pattern!
Oh how I wish I hadn't fallen for the advertising hype and had at least read the other reviews of Biggan's how to video.
So, don't buy this.
She doesn't teach how to anything other than " hold the yarn really really tight, like this, see, really tight." And then goes on to demonstrate her total character assassination of any knitter who does not knit like her!
Well, Biggan, perhaps you don't understand the irony of your own words? How does a knitter with arthritic hands hold ANYTHING tightly! And how do you support tensioning your yarn like this! Thank goodness I've had tuition from some of the best teachers out there and not one would ever, in their wildest dreams, tell anyone to tension their yarn this way.
So, please learn from my mistake, DONT BUY THIS. It's a very expensive cowl pattern from someone who likes to show how fast they can knit. Turn to Lucy Neatby or Cheryl Brunette, look up continental knitting on YouTube, anything but trust this video.
I bought this for my mother, as a present. I'm only glad I watched it first.
Very poor show,Interweave, very poor show indeed, I think the producers of this video are as much if not more at fault than Biggan herself.
Review by Penelope (Posted on 8/15/2015)
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