Tibetan Supported Spindle Kit

Now you can spin on a beautiful hand-turned Tibetan supported spindle in dark cherry wood! Discover the variety of supported spindles used around the world and learn what fibers work best with which supported spindle.
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Tibetan Supported Spindle Kit

Have you wanted to learn supported spindle spinning? Find what it takes from expert Amelia Garripoli and then spin on the gorgeous hand-turned Tibetan supported spindle in dark cherry - handcrafted by a young, up-and-coming toolmaker.

In this kit, discover supported spindle spinning techniques demonstrated with a variety of supported spindles from around the world. Author and instructor Amelia Garripoli covers the ins and outs and makes these unusual spindles accessible. With just a flick of your fingers, you can spin with ease on the included Tibetan supported spindle hand carved by craftsman Andrew Kimmey, a rising star in the world of spindle making.

See what's inside the kit:

Tibetan Supported Spindle Kit


  • Hand-turned Tibetan supported spindle in dark cherry by Andrew Kimmey

At 23, Andrew is turning heads with his woodworking. He loves turning spindles fiber arts tools. His first spindle was made roughly, with a drill press and dowel, but he took the craft a step further and embraced wood turning. Now, Andrew makes hand-made treasures that offer incredible functionality and beauty. When it comes time for a new tool, enjoy his fine craftsmanship!

Supported Spindle Spinning with Amelia Garripoli

The highly respected author of the Ask the Bellwether blog, Amelia Garripoli is passionate about spindle spinning. In this video workshop, Amelia makes supported spindle spinning accessible to spinners of all skill levels. You'll learn the basics as well as Amelia's expert tips and tricks for fiber preparation, plying, and more. Learn what fibers are best suited for each support spindle and how to match your spindle with the best bowl. Amelia even helps you troubleshoot your lumps and bumps and yarn that breaks or kinks. With Amelia's passion for supported spinning and comprehensive lessons, you'll be spinning supported with ease and confidence.

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