The Definitive Guide to Grafting: Parts 1-3

Discover a three part series for grafting your knitting with expert Joni Conglio. Go from the very basics to the more in-depth intruction as she covers the anatomy of a stitch to grafting lace seamlessly in a pattern.
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If you've ever felt frustrated or confused when grafting your knitting, this Knitting Daily workshop is perfect for you.

In part one, Joni Coniglio guides you through the anatomy of a knitting stitch and the best methods for grafting stockinette stitch (also known as Kitchener stitch), reverse stockinette stitch, and knitted and purled garter stitch.

In part two, move on to grafting in pattern with rib stitches. Learn the difference between top-to-top and top-to-bottom grafting and why knitting direction matters.

In part three, accomplish what you never thought possible: grafting lace seamlessly in pattern. With the help of Joni's ingenious, easy to use grafting charts, you'll never lose your place. You'll soon discover that grafting yarnovers is the easiest part of all.

With this video workshop, you will:

  • Master Kitchener stitch with ease
  • Learn to graft many different types of stitches
  • Become familiar with stitch anatomy and knitting direction
  • Gain a deep understanding of grafting in pattern with Joni's chart method

With Joni's no-nonsense method of teaching and incredible expertise, you'll wonder why you haven't been grafting in pattern all along.

Watch a preview now:

About the Host:

Joni Coniglio is senior project editor for Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Sockupied, and other Interweave publications. She has worked in the knitting publishing industry for almost 30 years and enjoys studying all things technical. When not knitting, Joni enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband near her home in Northern Colorado.

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