The Complete Works of Alden Amos

A spinner, writer, and builder of exquisite spinning wheels, Alden Amos was one of the all-time great fiber craftsmen. This collection of his published works is fascinating and informative.

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Spin-Off, Summer 1984: Digital Edition   +$0.00
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Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning: Being a Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinion on the Noble Art & Craft eBook   +$0.00
Know Your Wheel (Video Download)   +$0.00
Spinning Wheel Primer (eBook)   +$0.00
Spin-Off, 1981 Digital Edition   +$0.00
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Spin-Off, 1980 Digital Edition   +$0.00
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Price as configured: $59.99


The Complete Works of Alden Amos

Alden Amos may have been best known as a writer and a spinning wheel builder. Years of experimenting and tinkering taught him how to make a spinning wheel that best suits its spinner, and years of spinning practice gave him wide-ranging wisdom and opinions. Alden's interests were broad: history, spinning technique, and fiber, to name just a few.

Spin-Off and Interweave were lucky to be publishers of all of Alden's published works (that we know of), and this collection brings them all together in digital format. Spanning 40 years, he wrote books and magazine articles and created a highly entertaining video on understanding spinning wheels.

This collection presents Alden's work in its original context, presented in the full magazine issues and video. His work exists as part of the spinning community, and so beside his words you can read those of his fellow spinners, teachers, and writers.

See what's inside the collection:

Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning: Being a Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinion on the Noble Art & Craft

Wheel designer and maintainer of textile traditions, Alden Amos the recipient and evaluator of traditional wisdom lets no point go unexamined. This is truly a BIG book offering decades of experience in making and handling yarn. He'll change your spinning for the better, whether you agree with him or not.

Spinning Wheel Primer

Scotch tension, flyer lead, bobbin lead, double drive, double treadle, wheel ratios - what do they all mean? The mechanics of spinning wheels can confound even the most technically apt. This small tome lays out the fundamentals in clear layman's language and explicit line drawings.

Know Your Wheel
Video Download

In this DVD, you'll hear Alden Amos and Cindy Lair expound on the wheel function and maintenance problems they most often encounter, and you'll learn their special tricks for dealing with them. Looking at a wide range of wheels, you'll learn to feel at ease with your wheel as a productive machine. You'll gain the confidence to tackle problems, wield tools, and forge a long and happy relationship with your wheel.

Spin-Off: Essentials of Handcarding

Looking for a way to build on your carding skills? This eBook was designed with you in mind! With these articles from some of Spin-Off's most distinguished contributors, you can turn your carding experience from confusing to confident.

13 Spin-Off Magazine Digital Issues
Digital Magazines

The Complete Works of Alden Amos is anything but that without Spin-Off magazine. As one of Spin-Off's most faithful contributors, with articles spanning 35 years, Amos left us with educating and informative pieces ranging from wheel mechanics to hemp fiber to a favorite subject: rope. With this collection, you'll receive 13 digital issues of Spin-Off that Alden Amos lent his wit and knowledge to. From Spin-Off's days as an annual publication in 1980 to 2015's plying issue, you'll receive Spin-Off, 1980, 1981, Summer 1984, Spring 1985, Spring 1987, Winter and Spring 1990, Winter, Spring, and Fall 1997, Winter 2002, and Summer and Fall 2015.

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The Best Source for Spinners
So much for so little! All the articles Alden Amos wrote over the years--such a deal! Such a wonderfully knowledgeable person. So sorry there will be no more. Get the information while it's still available. Review by Priscilla (Posted on 9/3/2016)
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