Supplemental Warp Weaving Collection

Take your weaving up a notch with our Supplemental Warp Weaving Collection! This digital bundle is loaded with valuable information to help you explore weave structures you've never tried before. Deb Essen shows how to weave turned drafts, piles weaves, woven shibori and more, using the loom you have.
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Price as configured: $49.99


Supplemental Warp Weaving Kit

Add incredible versatility to your weaving repertoire with the Supplemental Warp Weaving Collection!

Learn how to warp your loom for a supplemental warp without needing a supplemental warp beam in this unbeatable 8-project collection! With Deb Essen alongside, you will learn countless techniques, how to use supplemental warps without a second warp beam, how to turn drafts such as monk's belt and overshot, pile weaves, including velvet and terry cloth, woven shibori, and more. Supplemental warp designs let you put pattern where you want it, and weave two shuttle drafts like overshot with just one shuttle.

See what's in the collection:

Weaving with Supplemental Warps
Video Download

Instead of selvedge-to-selvedge patterning, imagine being able to create pattern down the length of your cloth, just where you want it. You can do it with supplemental warps! Supplemental warps can also take your cloth into the third dimension with piqué, Bedford cord, and pile weaves. Master weaver Deb Essen introduces you to weaving with supplemental warps without the need for a second warp beam. In no time, you can bring all the design possibilities of supplemental warps to your own loom.

Pile Weaves with Supplemental Warps
Video Download

Discover how to weave velvet and terry cloth without a second warp beam! Velvet and terry cloth are supplemental warp weaves where warp loops are drawn to the top surface (velvet) or both the top and bottom (terry cloth). The loops can be cut or left uncut to create wonderful designs in cloth you will just love to pet. Nothing beats weaving these luxurious fabrics at your own loom.

Easy Weaving with Supplemental Warps: Overshot, Velvet, Shibori, and More

What if you could weave overshot along the length of your cloth with just one shuttle, or being able to weave terry-cloth towels for your bath? That's where supplemental warp comes into play. And with Deb Essen's technique, you can weave with supplementary warp fabrics without having to buy a special loom! This eBook provides clear step-by-step instruction for warping, turning drafts, choosing yarns, and more. Then move on to create the eight projects, each geared toward a different supplemental warp structure.

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