Summer of Spinning Collection

Keep cool with cotton, flax, hemp, soy, bamboo, and more with the Summer Spinning Collection.
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Summer Spinning Collection

You may think that you need to put away your spinning when the heat kicks in, but summer is a perfect opportunity to explore the world of plant fibers and new regenerated fibers! Keep cool with cotton, flax, hemp, soy, bamboo, and more. Let Stephenie Gaustad, Patsy Zawistoski, and other spinning luminaries show you once and for all that spinning these fibers isn't difficult-it just takes a few different techniques.

Spinning Cotton

Video Download

Cotton was perhaps the most important fiber of the ancient world, clothing more people throughout history than any other. It remains one of the most important fibers today - think underwear and bluejeans! Sheets and towels! Yet cotton has been largely neglected by contemporary spinners in the developed world. Stephenie Gaustad aims to change all that. In this engaging video, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare cotton, from boll to batt
  • How to spin cotton with ease and efficiency on a wide range of tools, from tahkli to flyer wheel
  • How to boil off and set twist in preparation for weaving, knitting, or what have you

Spin-Off Presents: Cotton: From Growing to Finishing


Cotton is an amazing fiber-great for keeping us cool and dry when it is hot and humid out. Cotton really is the fabric of our lives as the cotton industry says-but for handspinners, it can be a bit intimidating because the staple lengths are short compared to wool requiring a high amount of twist to stay together as a thread. This eBook is filled with great tips about spinning cotton from past issues of Spin-Off.

The Practical Spinner's Guide: Cotton, Flax, Hemp


Interest in spinning continues to grow, and over the last year or so books have become more specialized-focusing on specific types of fiber or spinning techniques. As yet there is no book devoted to the spinning of plant or cellulose fibers. Though not nearly as popular as more easily-spun wools or fleece, there is interest in the subject and more spinning suppliers are carrying cotton and flax fibers. In step-by-step illustrated techniques, Stephenie offers a detailed overview of each plant, the fiber it produces, and how to properly prepare, spin, and finish yarns made from each fiber.

Spinning the New Fibers

Video Download

The textile industry is inventing new fibers at an astonishing rate. Many of these are based on recycled waste materials (yep, recycled, which means they are eco-friendly): tofu liquid, banana plants, sugar cane stalks, and more.

The results are often finer and softer than their natural counterparts (silk, cashmere, cotton), and gentler on the environment.

Patsy Zawistoski has researched a wide range of these fibers in depth, and has used them to spin up beautiful and useful yarns. Now, you will get all her great knowledge in this 98-minute video workshop.

Keep cool with cotton, flax, hemp, soy, bamboo, and more with the Summer Spinning Collection!
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