Spinning Singles with Jillian Moreno Digital Download

Spin beautiful yarns without plying with expert spinning instructor Jillian Moreno. Learn about color, loft, strength, and so much more to create the perfect yarns for your unique projects.
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Do you want to spin strong, beautiful yarns without plying? Join spinning instructor Jillian Moreno to learn her expert tips and tricks for spinning the best singles, or single-ply yarns. You’ll learn how to improve your technique from fiber preparation to drafting and wheel adjustment so you can create singles yarns using both worsted and woolen methods.

Jillian covers tips for spinning non-biasing, consistent singles yarns that are perfect for knitting. Plus, learn how singles yarns can be matched with knitting projects for best effect. You’ll learn how to change the size of your singles without compromising the strength and integrity of your yarn so projects turn out great every time.

Finally, explore how to build and manipulate color in singles yarns with stunning results. Try your hand at spinning variegated, gradient, marled, and ombré marled yarns by mixing and matching fibers, colorways, and fiber preparations.

With Jillian’s fun and easy-to-follow instruction, you’ll be well on your way to spinning the best singles yarns possible

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Customer Reviews (4)
pulled all the parts together
great video. While I knew all the points she raised, it was the way she presented them in an understandable order and reminded me that each part was important, and how to get each part right that made me want to go spin singles! Just to respond to the negative comment about not seeing a balanced yarn, and for those who may hesitate because of this, from what I do know is that any single is NOT a balanced yarn. This video shows how to deal with yarn so it acts as "balanced" as possible. Review by Linda (Posted on 10/13/2016)
Great tips for new and experienced spinners, improved my spinning
I am a fairly experienced spinner and have spun singles for a long time, for tapestries, clothing and scarves. I still really learned some very helpful information from this video. Jillian covered areas that I had not put together before - approaching fiber prep, drafting style, and other elements of basic spinning, from a new perspective. I loved that she showed the sample of the yarn she had just spun, on the wheel and explained how the different ply preps - or how much twist back on itself - the yarn had after just being spun. This was enormously helpful in judging how my draft and consistency are working. There were many, many up close shots in motion of Jillian drafting and spinning, and her spinning is so consistent, that even though I spin very differently - I found my spinning improved after watching the video. I have been a self taught spinner, not able to attend workshops due to children and work. This video was as close to an in person workshop as it is possible to get without being there. Jillian spoke slowly, clearly and in perfect synch with her wheel. I recommend this video for anyone who would like to learn more about spinning singles, and anyone who would like to benefit by watching a very experienced, thoughtful, articulate spinner talk about the craft. Thank you! Review by Leslie (Posted on 9/8/2016)
Filled with facts I didn't know
I've only been spinning for a year but it didn't take me long to notice that a lot of videos/classes teach valuable techniques but are short on the little tips that make the technique work. Jillian's explanation of the "why's" that went along with the "how's" are what makes this Spinning Singles video one of the best I've bought. Why a particular fiber worked with the how of a particular draft, why a staple length made a difference to the how and how-much of twist to use, even why the direction of spinning can make a difference in choosing how to knit. YouTube may indeed have many great videos that address the spinning of singles but I'm guessing they can't compare with the wealth of information in this one. Review by Shirle (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Not detailed enough
I was quite disappointed with this video. I was hoping for it to have a more detailed presentation than what I could find on Youtube, but sadly I found this was not true. I was expected to be shown how to spin a balanced single. Not once did Jillian hold up a skein to show the viewer how nice and balanced her singles skein was, without twist. This is an important detail that was missed. She told the viewer about the amount of twist needed but not about how to have a balanced yarn. Very disappointing. If I could I would like my money back. Review by Christina (Posted on 8/2/2016)
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