Spin Thin: How to Spin Fine Yarns Video Download

Go beyond bulk and create fine yarns that can be used in a variety of projects in this video workshop!
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Spin Thin: How to Spin Fine Yarns Video Download
with Beth Smith
Video Download | 1 hr. 10 min

Go beyond bulk and create fine yarns that can be used in a variety of projects! This includes creating fine fabrics that can be knitted in lace; weaving fabrics for clothing; exploring 2, 3, or 4-ply yarns that aren't as bulky as traditional yarns; and developing embroidery or surface embellishments. Join Beth Smith in this downloadable video workshop, and learn how just a few simple changes to the way you spin can have a tremendous impact when it comes to creating finely spun yarns!

You'll learn:

  • How to make adjustments to variety of wheels to create fine yarns
  • Different materials that can be used as drive bands
  • Whorls and how they can affect your spinning
  • The importance of reducing take-up
  • 3 ways to remove fibers from the comb to achieve the finest of results
  • Fine yarn drafting preparation methods
  • How to choose the best fiber types to spin a finer yarn

Download your copy of Spin Thin: How to Spin Fine Yarns today!

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Customer Reviews (5)
A really helpful video
I love to knit lace and fine fabrics, so spinning thin is something I really want to work on. This is a wonderful resource. It's not a learn-how-to-spin video; a certain basic level of knowledge is assumed; but it's just packed with useful information.

I can't agree with the reviewer who claims Beth handles her equipment poorly. I've learned a lot from watching the different ways she prepares her fibre, and her detailed instructions on how to choose and fit a drive band and tune your wheel are very helpful. As for close-ups, there is a camera positioned directly above her hands which shows what she's doing at each stage in clear detail, and gives a very good view of the yarn she's making.

Although she obviously prefers to spin fine by the short forward draw method (and gives her reasons), she does demonstrate other techniques, with very helpful explanations of the effect of changing your drafting technique on your final yarn. The last ten minutes of the video, on spinning cashmere, silk and the rayons, are some of the best instruction on these fibres that I've seen yet.

I'll be returning to this video a lot, I can tell. On top of everything else, I really like Beth's calm and orderly style of teaching.
Review by Marin (Posted on 6/6/2016)
Very informative video
I love this video! Beth is a wonderful teacher. She does start off a little uneven as mentioned in the prior review but then she settles down & does a great job of presenting the information. If you want to learn to spin thin yarn, this is a great video to watch. Review by Louise (Posted on 9/22/2015)
Packed with information
"Thin" is a relative term. Thin for you is not thin for me, but what needs to happen to move in that direction regardless of how far you take it is the same for us both. Half the video focuses on how to adjust your equipment to meet the tension needs of fine spinning. Different drive bands, adjusting them, double drive vs scotch tension, cross lacing. Then a bit on fiber prep. All the while she chats about the whys of what she is doing. You can tell Beth is nervous at the beginning, but she does settle into a comfort zone when she focuses on spinning. I watched it twice back to back after downloading, and know I will pick up more useful tips as I revisit it later. Review by Ann (Posted on 9/20/2015)
Volumes of great information for you to review over and over...
Spinning thin is for many the "Holy Grail" of spinning. In this video, Beth shares in great detail how to set up a number of different wheel styles to achieve the best results. She also shows you how to draft different fibers optimally to "spin thin". Her manner is warm, easy going, and fun as she shares volumes of information with you. You can have Beth right in your spinning room with you as you master this craft. I strongly urge you to buy this video download. She shares information that is useful to both beginning and seasoned spinners. Review by AsKatKnits (Posted on 8/24/2015)
A waste of time and money.
The presenter is awkward and her language imprecise. She never gives a definition of "fine yarn" in measurable terms such as turns per inch, wraps per inch, or yards per pound. She handles her equipment poorly, and the camera often shows us her from a distance rather than any details of her hands as she explains. She never shows any close ups of the yarn itself, or what she is spinning in comparison with standard weights of commercial yarn. She appears be comfortable spinning a fine yarn, but only by the short forward draw method. She never cites any sources of information, and never show us samples comparing different methods or preparations next to each other. Review by Susan (Posted on 7/9/2015)
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