Small Weaves Pattern Collection

If your looking for small, quick and easy weaving projects, the Small Weaves Pattern Collection is the perfect addition to your weaving library.

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Small Weaves Pattern Collection

If you're looking for small, quick and easy weaving projects, the Small Weaves Pattern Collection is the perfect addition to your weaving library. With digital patterns that come (literally) in all shapes and sizes, this collection is great for both beginners and advanced weavers. With this collection, you'll learn a variety of weaving techniques such as overshot, huck variation, shadow weave, and more!

Included in this Kit:


The Boa is Back! Digital Weaving Pattern
By Susie Hodges

Weavers often guess that this boa is a knitted or crocheted structure instead of a woven one. Believe it or not, this fun accessory is a pile fabric woven in leno and plain weave with only six warp ends. It's a boa with a plain-weave spine in which mohair locks and leftover ribbons and fabrics strips are held tightly in place by twisting three pairs or warp ends in an easy handpicked leno.


Glasses Cases Digital Weaving Patterns
By Alison Irwin

An abalone shell with its washes of pearly pinks layered with deeper shades of aqua and sea green inspired the colors of this fabric. For the light/dark contrasting color ranges required by shadow weave, pink and beige are combined for the lights, and three blue-greens are combined for the weft. Choose any light/dark colors for cases to add depth to the color effects!

wmerino wool

Overshot Pot Holders Digital Weaving Patterns
By Jean Korus

If overshot intimidates you, these pot holders are a great way to start! Pot holders are a great format for overshot. One pattern repeat fits neatly into a pot holder's size. Use them to decorate your kitchen- or as a perfect hostess gift. The fun part of weaving is to take an idea, try it out, and then do it your own way!

EP12138 A Shaggy Bag Story Digital Weaving Pattern
by Linda Ligon

Shaggy textiles have a lot of uses - for rugs, pillow covers, bench seats, wall pieces, and more. They use odd bits of yarn, fleece locks, or roving, and you can add beads and other embellishments. The goal for this little bag is to give you ideas to try out- so weave away!

EP12137 Handwoven Sachets Digital Weaving Pattern
by Jane Patrick

The weave is lattice treadling on a huck threading which becomes a perfect grid for delicately embroidered flowers. You can even add a crocheted edging to embellish the top of the sachet! Project directions are for a 4" wide warp; each sachet's front and back are woven consecutively.

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