Fretz Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming Video and Tool Set

Metalsmith Bill Fretz shares his jewelry forming secrets in this exclusive collection that features 7 stakes, 6 hammers, and his DVD!
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World renowned instructor Bill Fretz teaches you new metal forming techniques to turn jewelry metal materials into one-of-a-kind art!

It’s time to expand your metalsmithing repertoire and hammer your way into gorgeous designs in the Fretz Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming Video and Tool Set. With the professional quality stakes and hammers included in this collection, your skills and techniques will take your work to new levels! Get serious about metalsmithing and learn how to create texture, and concave and convex forms in your jewelry today.

For ONLY $750.00, create professional pieces of jewelry and work alongside Bill Fretz!

See what’s included in this collection:

Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming

with Bill Fretz

Join master metalsmith and toolmaker Bill Fretz in 8 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to get started forming your own metal jewelry. Discover how to create basic convex and concave metal forms using Bill’s expert step-by-step instruction and techniques. Master the basics and boost your skills as you learn the secrets of planishing, raising, using stakes, and more!

H-1 Stake Holder
can be mounted on any sturdy workbench
F-2 Double Convex Stake is a miniature silversmithing stake and F-2A Convex Fluting Rolled Edge creates concave curves without making the flutes sharp.
F-2B convex Fluting Medium and F-2C Convex Fluting Sharp help bring high points into sharper relief.
F-6 Shell Stake and F-9 Convex/Concave Stake are miniature silvermithing stakes ideal for jewelers.

HMR-1 Planishing Hammer
is for smoothing metal and is the most used hammer.
HMR-2 Wide Raising Hammer raises sheet metal and also makes it possible to planish subtle concave shapes.
HMR-3 Narrow Raising Hammer raises small cylinders and concave shapes. Useful for forging, this hammer can fit into tighter curves.
HMR-7 Double Ended Insert Hammer forms metal without stretching it and the range of insert shapes allow you to planish, emboss and raise metal.
HMR-9 Rounded Wide Raising/Embossing Hammer is ideal to block bowls and broader width strips into concave shapes due to its wide and long profile.
HMR-8 Rounded Narrow Raising/Embossing Hammer can emboss narrow pod or oblong shapes.

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