Rigid Heddle Loom Digital Pattern Collection

Discover the fun of weaving with a rigid heddle loom and these five digital patterns!
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Rigid Heddle Loom Digital Pattern Collection

If you're interested in weaving, but aren't ready to make the financial investment of buying a table or floor loom then a rigid heddle loom is perfect for you! This loom is smaller, but allows you to learn weaving techniques that are all transferable to a larger loom. Discover the fun of weaving with a rigid heddle loom and these five digital patterns!


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Little-Sew Lacy Vest
designed by Judith Sangold
Digital Pattern

Judith Sangold is always looking for ideas for garments that don’t require too much construction, drape well, and flatter most figures. She came across such a garment at a gift market. She bought it to copy the style. Here it is, slightly modified. It is a shawl that, with a little folding and stitching and a clever little neckband, wears like a vest. Working on a rigid-heddle loom, she used two finger-controlled weaves to create a lacy effect: leno and Danish medallion. An alpaca/cotton yarn gives the fabric its drape; a variegated colorway adds overall interest. A thicker yarn is used for outlining the Danish medallions, and a yarn with a bit of sheen brings out the sections of leno. The style is just about a one-size-fits-all, and you can invent your own interesting closures at the front.

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Petal Pink, Petal Soft
designed by Jane Patrick
Digital Pattern

Spanish lace is made by weaving plain weave with only a small group of warp threads for 3 or more picks and then moving to an adjacent group of warp threads and weaving 3 or more picks and continuing this way across the warp to the opposite selvedge. In each section, the picks are beaten in with a hand beater. Many different and lovely effects are possible with Spanish lace.

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Zigzag Scarf
designed by Deborah Jarchow
Digital Pattern

Many of us follow daily schedules that leave very little time for weaving, so we look for quick projects. Here is another way to look at time. Warping the loom for weft-faced rugs is very fast. It’s the weaving that takes time, but it’s the weaving that brings great satisfaction. Whenever you have a moment, you can spend it joyfully at your loom (no thinking or planning, only the rhythm of weaving, the feel of the weft, watching the growing pattern).

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Striped Napkins with Pick-up
designed by Susan E Horton
Digital Pattern

Unlike doubleweave pick-up on a shaft loom, pick-up on the rigid-heddle loom is restricted to the slot threads. To balance pick-up on the rigid heddle, it is necessary to have an uneven number of ends because each pick-up unit shares a hole end with the unit next to it. In a stripe that has 19 threads, for example, you have room for a maximum of five 1-up, 1-down pick-up repeats, as each pick-up unit uses 4 ends. Susan Horton arranged the pick-up patterns to create four napkins that were each slightly different. When she was finished, she decided it was “weaver's choice” as to which side was the right side, and hemmed two of them with warp floats on the top, and two with weft floats on the top, adding yet another element of subtle difference.

EP12139_edited-1 One Skein Scarf
designed by Liz Gipson
Digital Pattern

Liz Gipson likes to know where her cashmere comes from. It may be produced from massive herds in China, gathered from the wild plains of Mongolia, grown by a friendly local fiber producer, or— in her case— combed from the animals mowing the grass in her backyard! Knowing where your yarn and fiber comes from adds to the enjoyment of using it. There is just as much artisanship in producing good yarn as there is in producing good cloth. Grab a skein of quality cashmere and create this wonderfully soft and fashionable scarf.

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