Power Spinning: The Modern Spinner's Guide to Electric Spinning Wheels with Sarah Anderson Video Download

Explore the ins and outs (and ons and offs) of the new generation of electric spinning wheels.
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Go Electric and Spin Up a Storm!

Do you get a jolt from spinning on an e-spinner? Want to ditch the ratios and whorls and spin like the wind? Sarah Anderson’s video explores the ins and outs (and ons and offs) of the new generation of electric spinning wheels.

Portable, powerful, and fun to use, electric spinners are a great travel wheel (or only wheel) for many spinners.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why an electric spinner might suit you
  • How the parts of an e-spinner work
  • Ways to use an electric spinner for woolen, worsted, and other spinning styles
  • Ins and outs of maintaining your electric spinner
  • How to use your e-spinner for maximum comfort
  • Tricks for getting the most from your electric spinning wheel

Let Sarah Anderson’s expert advice guide you in getting to know a new electric spinner or master the most from one you already have. Power up and explore the possibilities!

About the Host:

Fascinated by all things fiber since childhood, Sarah Anderson is the author of The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs. Her video The Building Blocks of Spinning is an Interweave bestseller. Sarah lives, spins, knits and weaves in the Pacific Northwest with her husband in a small house full of fiber, wheels, and spindles.

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Additional Info
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Customer Reviews (10)
Very disappointing
I thought maybe the other negative reviewers were just being overly critical. Sadly, that is not the case. This really does come across as a video that was thrown together without any thought to what the content should be. There is only about ten minutes of information about e-spinners. All of which you would already know if you were planning to buy one or already own one. The production and editing of the video was very poor. At one point the camera person can even be heard talking to the host when it was obvious they thought the camera was off. My advice is don't bother. Review by Christine (Posted on 11/2/2016)
Let me start by saying Sarah Anderson is a wonderful spinner and a very good instructor however, this Interweave video does not come anywhere close to what I consider to be a professional tutorial and certainly does Ms. Anderson an injustice. I agree with a previous reviewer who stated it appears she was plopped down in front of a camera and asked to "wing it". The editing of the video is atrocious - not at all what one would expect from a publishing company. A general e-spinner video should represent more than one brand. There are enough manufacturers out there to be able to represent more than one particular brand; and there are enough differences between the various models to warrant having done so. Review by Anne (Posted on 9/18/2016)
interesting and useful
I am an experienced wheel spinner who is interested in finding out more about e-spinning. I found this video really worthwhile. It has inspired me to try an e-spinner. Review by Samantha (Posted on 6/5/2016)
Very helpful video
I'm thinking about buying an e-spinner, but I wanted more information before doing so. This video taught me a lot about how e-spinners work and about spinning, in general. I'm a novice spindle spinner, so I found all of the information to be extremely helpful. I'd highly recommend this video. Review by Hazel (Posted on 2/25/2016)
Not really about Electric Spinning Wheels
I've been disappointed in a few of the Interweave videos. The presentation format of a lot of Interweave videos is that they sit the instructor down in front of the camera and let them wing it. I did not find this video very clear or helpful. This video is more of an endorsement of the electric spinning wheel she is using rather than a guide to electric spinning wheels. Review by Barbara (Posted on 2/6/2016)
Not what I was expecting
Let me start by saying that I think this would be a great video for anybody who is a beginning spinner. If you only have limited experience on any type of wheel and are interested in learning more about electric spinning wheels, you will be very happy.

As an experienced spinner who has just purchased my first electric spinning wheel, however, I was disappointed. It felt like only 25% of the video was devoted to information specific to electric spinning wheels (and much of it I had already learned while doing research on different electric spinners). The rest was pretty basic spinning information that could apply to any type of spinning wheel. Not at all what I was expecting in a video sold as a 'guide to electric spinning wheels'.
Review by Dorie (Posted on 12/17/2015)
Spinning on an electric spinner
I have a electric spinner the same that is used in this video. I cannot thank you enough for your tips and how to get the best out of my spinner. I would recommend this video to someone that has purchased and e-spinner because there is no other video out there that clearly gives you these tips. Your e-spinner is different than a wheel and I found this video to be very helpful to me.
Your electric spinner is not just used for plying and that is what a lot of spinners are using them for.
Thanks Sarah for making this video I am very great full for the info.
Review by Char (Posted on 12/14/2015)
Don't bother
I was really disappointed with the amount of information actually on e-spinning in this presentation. I have seen other spinning DVD's by Sarah Anderson and expected this to be mostly about the differences in e-spinning from wheel spinning, but she simply covered the parts of an e-spinner, spent a little time talking about adjusting the spinner, then goes on for most of the presentation to repeat general beginning spinning techniques very similarly as she does in her other DVD. If you're an absolutely beginning spinner you may find this helpful, but the title infers this is all about electric wheels, and it's not. I am a proficient spinner and did not expect a beginning spinning lesson here. Not worth the cost of the download. Review by Shelley (Posted on 12/12/2015)
Good Summary for Beginners
I have been interested in learning to spin but traditional wheels are very expensive. I came upon a website for electric spinners which had a reasonable price tag. This video gave me a good overview of using an electric spinners and it looks like a great option based on cost, portability and ease of learning. I love wool and yarn but wanted to spin my own. Thanks for addressing alternative spinning options. Review by Cheryl (Posted on 11/28/2015)
Great video tool for beginners.
I just watched Sarah's video on electric spinners and feel she addressed the most important techniques used with these modern spinners. As a new spinner, I felt her instructions were very well planned out and helpful. I have the same spinner she used for this video and her tips were very valuable. Thank you, Sarah. Review by Dedie (Posted on 11/4/2015)
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