Picture Perfect Heads or Tails Pendant Project

Ideal for advanced jewelers, create this endearing memento by working with precision soldering and sawing.
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Put your advanced silversmithing skills to the test as you craft a striking two-sided pendant to display two special photos.

Required Materials:

  • 18 gauge sterling silver sheet; 2 x 2"
  • 22 gauge sterling silver sheet; 1½" square
  • 28 gauge fine silver; 1 by 6 inch strip
  • 18 gauge round sterling silver wire; 4"
  • 1 foot of sterling silver tubing with an interior diameter of 1 mm. Make sure 18 gauge wire fits inside the tube.
  • Hard and medium wire solder
  • IMAGES: Sized and professionally printed photos on photo paper. The face and back need to be less than ." round so they will fit attractively within a 1" circle. (A full-service photo shop can help you with this.) Two 25.5-mm mineral glass watch crystals with flat backs and domed tops (See SOURCES.)
  • NOTE: If you use different size materials, you’ll need to adjust the pattern.

Tools: HAND AND FABRICATION: Magnification visor; safety glasses; respiratory mask; bench pin; wet/dry sandpaper grits 320, 400, 600, 800, and 1000; XActo knife and blades; jeweler’s saw frame; 4/0 blades and lubricant; half round ring file; metal shears; jeweler’s angle; wire cutters and two pairs of jeweler’s pliers; hallmark stamps; bench block and chasing hammer; Moore’s fine grit sanding disks and mandrel; toothpicks; bezel burnisher. LAYOUT: Graph paper; spray adhesive; fine point Sharpie; mechanical pencil; straight edge; scribe; center punch and small drill bit; circle template; cushion template; digital calipers with set screw; high-quality compass with lead refill. SOLDERING: New, 6 x 6" soft Solderite board; soldering pick; torch; Prip’s flux in spray bottle; coins; solder stop (a paste of yellow ochre and alcohol in a sealed jar); small brush; T pins; copper tongs; quench; pickle; rotating soldering pan. FINISHING: A fresh tube of E6000 or equivalent waterproofing glue; 600 grit nail salon sanding sticks; shot filled tumbler and burnishing compound or Dawn dishwashing liquid; flexible shaft with polishing buffs; Tripoli polishing compound; toothbrush; hot, soapy water; penetrating oil; masking tape; beads; cable; crimps; crimp covers; clasp and catch

Technique: Metalsmithing

Originally Published: Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, December 2015

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SKU EP14038
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