Master the Jeweler's Saw Collection

Master your jeweler's saw and discover how to use your new favorite tool with techniques and designs from expert goldsmiths and jeweler makers!

Streamline your jewelry ideas and make them come to life with your jeweler's saw!

Discover expert tips and techniques for mastering the jeweler's saw today! Have complete artistic license to create custom shapes out of metal. Learn the different nuances of using the jeweler's saw with Noël Yovovich, get basic tips from goldsmith Michael David Sturlin, take sawing beyond metal to wood, plastic, and paper with Thomas Mann, and so much more. Your skills will progress as you work your way through this exclusive collection that features a special issue magazine, video downloads, a book, and a DVD--so don't hesitate to start constructing polished and professional jewelry pieces with your saw!

For ONLY $59.99, you can take these expert tips and tricks, and create innovative designs with your jeweler's saw today!

See what's inside this collection:

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, November 2010: Digital Edition

In this special jewelry making tool issue, find out which files, hammers, saw, scribes, punches, ring clamp, and pliers you need to create handmade jewelry! Learn all about the flex shaft and related power tools for jewelers, and discover which torches are best suited for your jewelry making needs. With 7 expert tips, you will learn how to make your own stamping tools and explore various gem variations that you can turn into beautiful pendants. Learn how to create mixed metal jewelry with this all-inclusive issue!

How to Transfer Sawing Patterns
by Michael David Sturlin
Video Download

Join acclaimed goldsmith Michael David Sturlin for this video download short and learn his tips for efficiently transferring your designs and patterns onto metal in preparation for sawing. Learn three ways to transfer patterns onto your metal including drawing with a pencil, tracing with a scribe, and using a chemical transfer. From creating sharp patterns to receiving expert jewelry techniques, you will be able to incorporate Michael's ideas into your own designs!

Bench Basics: Saws & Sawing
by Noël Yovovich
Web Seminar Download

Join Noël Yovovich and finally master one of the simplest and most versatile tools, the jeweler's saw! Discover must have information including: finding the right saw frame for you, loading a blade correctly, how to appropriately hold your metal, and more! Whether you want to cut a straight line, or do fanciful piercing, Noël shows you all the details, so you can unleash your creativity.

Metalsmith Essentials: Master the Jeweler's Saw with Michael David Sturlin
Michael David Sturlin

Goldsmith and jewelry artist Michael David Sturlin shares his 99-minute video workshop that is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of successfully using a jeweler's saw. Packed with helpful tips and tricks, master this essential tool that will become an instant favorite and will open doors to your design potential. Overcome the main obstacles of sawing as you learn expert tips for spanning the blade, keeping it taut, and holding the tool correctly to allow for maximum movement. Receive detailed information about the saw while creating beautiful pieces!

Metal Artist's Workbench
by Thomas Mann

Starting with the anatomy of the jeweler's saw and moving on to important basics such as sawing ergonomics and how to achieve the proper grip, Metal Artist's Workbench covers everything you need in order to achieve jewelers saw success. Expert artist, Thomas Mann shares his top tip and techniques for using a jeweler's saw, getting you to "saw in the zone, " and become familiar with the jeweler's saw. Create exciting projects using metal, plastic, wood, and paper. This comprehensive guide is sure to make the jeweler's saw your new favorite crafting tool.

Metal Artist's Workbench, Learn to Use the Jeweler's Saw
by Thomas Mann
Video Download

Get access to great tips and techniques instantly on your computer! Follow along with expert artist Thomas Mann as he shows you how to a jeweler's saw like a professional. Learn how to cut through plastic and metal in a way that is safe and provides you with great results. Approach the jeweler's saw with confidence and start creating unique pieces of jewelry or other mixed media projects today!

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