Linda Ligon's Favorite Piecework Classics Digital Magazine Bundle

Explore 3 favorite PieceWork issues from Interweave founder in Linda Ligon's Favorite Piecework Classics Digital Magazine Bundle today.
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Meet Linda Ligon: "In 1975,when I started Interweave on my dining room table for lack of anything better to do. My two older kids were in school, my baby slept long, long hours, and I was enamored of weaving and spinning and making books and magazines. It just all came together. The first magazine was called interweave (lower-case); Spin-Off came along just two years later, followed by Handwoven, Piecework, The Herb Companion, Interweave Knits, Beadwork, Natural Home, and more books than I begin to have shelf space for."

Discover three of Linda Ligon, founder of Interweave, favorite classic PieceWork issues in one convenient digital bundle!

Included in Linda's favorite collection:

  PieceWork September/October 1996: Digital Edition
Digital Magazine

Try your hand at projects inspired by what people brought with them. There’s an embroidered velvet vest designed from a Moravian costume. Knit and crochet socks inspired by a pair of Italian socks. Crochet a beaded purse adapted from an Italian beaded purse. Make intricate cross-stitch monograms based on Italian trousseau linens. Bead-embroider a scarf based on an embroidered and beaded Ukrainian vest. Make delicate hairpin crochet rosettes taken from a Greek Cypriot shawl. Make drawnwork and eyelet patterns based on Polish garments and linens. Try your hand at a filet net darning inspired by a German wedding dress.
  PieceWork July/August 1998: Digital Edition
Digital Magazine Issue
Meet the beadworkers of the southern plains. Learn some of the techniques used by Southern Plains Indians in their beadwork. Meet Lakota quillworker Alice New Holy Blue Legs and admire her work. Learn three traditional methods of working decorative porcupine quills onto surfaces. See the baskets made by the Neptune family, several generations of whom have made beautiful Passamaquoddy baskets out of ash-splint and sweet-grass. Enjoy the bold motifs of the Cowichan sweaters of the Coast Salish people. Learn some basic knitting techniques used in a typical Cowichan pullover sweater. Admire the moose-hair embroidery of the Huron. See a beautiful traveling exhibit of Native American quilting.
  PieceWork, January/February 2008: Digital Edition
Digital Magazine Issue

Celebrate the rich history of knitting with out 2nd annual historical knitting issue! PieceWork presents an exclusive ancient Artic technique you won't fine anywhere else. Knit an elegant cashmere scarf worked in the traditional Estonian Stork’s Nest pattern. 

Plus, you'll learn how to knit peotry into your gloves. Mittens dating from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that bear knitted words forming a poem serve as inspiration for our own “poetry mittens.”
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