Hydraulic Press for Jewelry Makers Bundle

Discover the ins and outs of using a hydraulic press for metalsmithing with expert instruction from Richard Sweetman and Lexi Erickson in this exclusive video bundle.
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Uncover hydraulic press perfection!

Discover the foundations of the hydraulic press and dye forming for jewelry making from the experts in this exclusive bundle of jewelry-making video tutorials. Watch and learn as Richard Sweetman shares hydraulic press hints and die forming tips, including how to troubleshoot common problems and simple methods to prevent them. Then, check out how Lexi Erickson uses her hydraulic press to replicate a shape in metal over and over without having to break out her jeweler's saw. Whether you're interested in learning more about dye forming or are looking for new ways to use your hydraulic press, you're sure to be inspired.

You can't go wrong with hydraulic press hints from the experts in the comfort of your own home for ONLY $39.99!

See what's inside this exclusive video bundle:

Crushed Metal Cuff and Hydraulic Press
with Richard Sweetman

Join hydraulic press expert, artist, and teacher Richard Sweetman as he demonstrates die forming fundamentals and shows you how to add dimension to your metal sheet in Crushed Metal Cuff and Hydraulic Press with Richard Sweetman. Create unique shapes in metal as you learn how to cut and prepare your own die, explore the differences between die forming with a vise and a hydraulic press, discover helpful hints that will help you solve common die forming problems, and then explore the project possibilities die forming has to offer. The Crushed Metal Cuff is one of an unlimited number of jewelry designs you can make using the hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Press Jewelry Making: Bear and Cross Link Bracelet plus Pierced Pendant with Copper on Silver Overlay
with Lexi Erickson

Join Lexi Erickson, an experienced jewelry teacher and artist, as she walks you through the process of using a hydraulic press as a fast and easy alternative to the jeweler's saw in this workshop DVD. Discover Lexi's techniques and rules for soldering and learn the secret to buffing and hand finishing techniques so you can achieve a perfect high polish. Plus, expand your jewelry sales when you learn how to utilize the hydraulic press as an easy way to make multiple components from metal sheet. From inspiration all the way through fabrication and finishing techniques, join Lexi for these step-by-step tutorials and start creating outstanding jewelry today!

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