How to Solder Jewelry Deluxe Collection

Master soldering with must-have tools, soldering set-up, technique tips, and more with the How to Solder Jewelry Deluxe Collection.


Tackle the torch with this must-have deluxe collection featuring tips, tricks, and materials!

Soldering is a fundamental skill for every metalsmith to learn. It allows you to stack elements together, connect parts, and so much more in your jewelry designs. If you're on the hunt for technique information, this collection has it all! Learn how to sweat and pick solder, plus techniques for torch handling, tool set-up, and so much more from the industry leaders.

Compiling nearly 4 hours of video instruction and 150+ pages of soldering information, this combo pack is the ultimate soldering resource bundle for growing your skills.

In addition to technique information, get fundamental materials for soldering including a soldering brick, flux, pickle pot, and more with the included soldering starter pack. BONUS: This collection includes the soldering station featured in How to Solder Jewelry and designed by artist Lexi Erickson! With a turntable and storage tray, this is the ultimate tool for effective soldering!

Hurry, only 100 kits are available -- and for a limited time only, receive the free digital issue of How to Solder Jewelry when you order your kit!

See what's inside this must have collection:

Basic Soldering Kit
with Pickle Pot, Micro Torch, Flux, Pickle, Solder, Tools, and More!

Lexi Erickson's Soldering Station
Tool Kit


Metalsmith Essentials: How to Solder Jewelry
with Lexi Erickson

Join artist and instructor of 25 years Lexi Erickson in 6 comprehensive watch-and-learn lessons as she shows you step by step how to solder jewelry! Take your metalsmithing skills and jewelry designs to the next level with an all-inclusive introduction to soldering. Master metalsmithing basics as you boost your jewelry-making skills with these essential techniques for getting started with jewelry soldering, including how-tos for setting up, tools and materials, torch handling, and much more! Discover different types of soldering joins and learn how to use them in your own jewelry. Making expert techniques easy to understand, Lexi covers several jewelry soldering techniques, such as direct, pick, and sweat soldering, soldering off the stick, and more.

Metalsmith Essential: How to Solder Jewelry Volume 2
with Lexi Erickson

Boost your jewelry-making skills with a comprehensive lesson in advanced soldering techniques. Join artist and experienced metalsmith Lexi Erickson in 11 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your soldering to the next level. Expand your soldering repertoire with how-tos for multi-layer soldering, creating fused rolled edges, soldering on reticulation, soldering brass to copper, and more!

Making Soldered Jewelry 2014
Digital Magazine

Explore this information-packed special issue and unlock the secrets to successful soldering. There is something for every metalsmith in Making Soldered Jewelry, whether you are a novice looking for advice or a seasoned soldering pro! Learn all about soldering terminology, tools, and torches. Then, practice the 5 essential soldering rules as you take a stab at one of the included jewelry projects or on one of your own designs. Plus, get 15 hot tips and the answers to your most common soldering concerns.

The Complete Guide to Jewelry Soldering
by Sara M. Sanford

Master the basics of soldering with expert guidance, tool tips, and technique how-tos in this best-selling resource guide. Get started by learning the forms solder comes in and when to use each type. Discover the must-know basics behind flux and stay safe with torch selection, maintenance, and usage tips. Use everything you learn to create the perfect join!

Soldering 911
with Lexi Erickson
On-Demand Web Seminar

There are many questions and urban myths out there regarding tanks, torches, fluxes, pickle, soldering surfaces and safety precautions. Lexi will try to remove all misconceptions regarding these often controversial and hotly debated topics. Some more traditional jewelry artisans may find her methods unconventional, but they get results and work! By following 5 very basic rules, and memorizing only 6 words, basic soldering can be accomplished. Learn about some unusual and more complex soldering situations, such as setting posts or prongs into a back plate, which will then hold an unusually shaped stone or found object. Discuss soldering onto copper and copper-bearing alloys, which many beginners choose to start with and the difficulties encountered when using copper solders and bezel wires.

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