Fretz Brass Mobius Pendant Deluxe Kit

Learn the trendy jewelry-forming techniques of hammers and stakes while using this incredible Fretz Mobius Pendant Deluxe Tool Set. Intermediate metalsmithing jewelry makers will enjoy the flexibility in technique and tools this kit has to offer.
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Metalsmith Essentials Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming DVD   +$0.00
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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2009: Digital Edition   +$0.00
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Price as configured: $249.99


Liven up your jewelry-making repertoire with this deluxe tool set featuring Fretz Designs' new line of Maker Hammers.

Bill Fretz, renowned for his superbly crafted jewelry and extraordinary collection of expertly designed hand tools, offers this tool collection ideal for committed metalsmithing jewelry makers. Take advantage of a pair of Maker Hammers, a new line from Fretz Designs that offers plenty of bold features and capabilities at a more affordable price than the originals. Rest assured that even with the cost savings, the effectiveness of the tools remains second to none. As a supplement to the tools, you will also receive a video download on how to form a Mobius strip pendant through watch-and-learn lessons. A digital edition of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist is also included to help you forge a Mobius pendant.

For ONLY $249.99, form amazing jewelry pieces using high-quality Fretz Maker Hammers at a fraction of the original price!

See what's inside the collection:

MKR-1 Planishing Hammer

The Maker Planishing Hammer has a slightly rounded working end for smoothing non-ferrous forged metal. The rounded end gives the classic planishing mark found on handwrought metal. The other working end is flat which can refine the round planishing marks to near smoothness. Enjoy this classic working hammer with a bold new profile.

MKR-3 Narrow Raising Hammer

The Maker Narrow Raising Hammer is a crosspein used to sink metal into concave shapes and fit into curves where a round planishing hammer will not fit. The hammer also leaves a dramatic texture on flat, concave and convex metal and jewelry.

H-1 Stake Holder

The H-1 Holder is the original holder for B (Bezel), M (Mushroom), F (Forming) Series Stakes and H-2 Holder. The H-1 Holder can be mounted on a sturdy workbench or Wooden Block (VB-1) to use the holder in a vise. The advantage of this holder is that it doesn't extend much past the edge of the workbench. The H-1 Holder is supplied with socket head bolts and nuts.

M-8 Mushroom Low Dome Stake (18 mm)

The M-8 has a diameter of 14 mm and is a round low dome mushroom stake. It is perfect for doming small areas on metal jewelry with an HMR-1 Planishing Hammer.

F-7 Thin Shell Stake

The F-7 is a small T-stake that is useful for forming concave and convex shapes by using different sections of the stake. When using a crosspein hammer in the recessed areas, it is possible to make a flat surface become concave. The domed areas are for forming metal bands or flat surfaces into domed shapes with the HMR-1 Planishing hammer.

Both the M-8 and F-7 stakes fit into the H-1 Holder that can be mounted on a workbench or on a block of wood and held in a vise. This holder allows the Fretz Miniature Stakes to be held firmly and makes it possible to rotate the stakes for working at different angles.

Metalsmith Essentials: Basic Jewelry Hammering and Forming

Form a variety of pendants, including the Mobius pendant, with new techniques in these watch-and-learn lessons. Take your metal-forming skills to the next level as you join master metalsmith and toolmaker Bill Fretz. You will have everything you need to know to create your own intricately formed metal jewelry. Create stunning three-dimensional shapes out of flat metal sheet, enhance your metalsmithing skills with new techniques and make gorgeous jewelry from basic metal materials.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2009: Digital Edition

Better understand how hammering and annealing work, with expert tips, and learn to forge a Mobius strip pendant, a piece you can make with your Fretz tool set. Learn how to bezel set a fossil fern into a pendant, see inspiring fossil jewelry by established artists, and learn what those fossils are. Plus, find out how to effectively sell your work on the web and reach a wider audience, as well as saw piercing and faceting projects.

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