The Efficient Weaver DVD

Discover how to weave more effciently so you can make the most of the weaving time that you have.
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Efficient Weaver

Techniques for Fast and Happy Weaving

with Laura Fry

DVD | 91 minutes


The most common complaint of weavers is that they don’t have enough time for weaving. Production weaver and teacher Laura Fry has an answer: weave more effciently so you can make the most of the weaving time that you have. In addition to getting more textile for your time at the loom, Laura’s techniques and tips will also help you weave better cloth while reducing wear and tear on your body.

You’ll learn:

  • How to warp your loom quickly and accurately
  • How to achieve correct, consistent tension during warping and weaving
  • How to thread faster than you’ve ever imagined
  • Techniques for weaving perfect selvedges
  • Dozens of ways to make weaving easier on your body
Laura has woven miles of gorgeous cloth over four decades, and she loves weaving as much as the day she started. With the soul of a weaver and the mind of an engineer, she’s come up with so many ways to make weaving faster and more enjoyable. As you learn her secrets for efficient, happy weaving, you’ll get more and better cloth and more satisfaction from your own weaving time.
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Customer Reviews (4)
Exellent download
Laura Fry's way of dealing with a loom makes so much sense to me - there are always new points to focus on and new or other techniques to implement in ones weaving experience. I for one am very pleased and thankful to have The Efficient Weaver in my library, it is an excellent tool for being more mindful and aware in your weaving. For sitting down on your bench and knowing you can get this done, one thread, one pick, one treadle at a time. I review this video/download several times a year, just because I can and it certainly keeps me on my toes. Peace, Pia Review by Pia (Posted on 12/2/2016)
good info, poor presentation order
There is a lot of good information in the dvd. Much of it is tips I'd already figured out for myself, but a new weaver would get a lot out of this. I didn't like the order of presentation though. It would be easier to follow if it started with the warping board and then progressed to threading heddles, beaming the warp, and so on. It confused me that she apparently sleys a reed for back-to-front warping, rather than using a raddle. It's an extra and unnecessary step, which you don't expect to find in a dvd that's all about efficiency. I also would have liked to be given a closer look at how she lays her weft thread in. We're never given a really close look, and try as I may, I can't achieve good selvedges without laying the shuttle down and placing the weft thread by hand. Laying the weft thread properly and quickly was the tip that I most wanted to learn, and I am disappointed that it wasn't shown more clearly. Review by Charla (Posted on 6/4/2016)
Excellent information, oddly organized, intermittently bad camerawork
Laura Fry has absolutely invaluable information on weaving with emphasis on speed and being good to your body. I highly recommend doing workshops with her and as a reminder of the info in those workshops this is a reasonable tool.

The production quality was lacking. Some camera angles were in crisp focus, while others were fuzzy. In editing the scenes together, the video repeatedly goes from crisp to fuzzy. Distracting and eventually headache inducing.

The sequence in which this is organized is disjointed, as well. It would have made more sense, and been easier to find things later, had it followed the flow of the weaving experience. As it is, weaving is at the beginning, warping is in the middle, and winding is at the end.

Criticisms aside, the information presented is still well presented, in Laura's no-nonsense style. She covers techniques that she's developed over her years of weaving; most important, they are accurate! No weaving mythology here!
Review by Elle (Posted on 2/13/2016)
Excellent information
I have taken Laura's class and this DVD is a wonderful hands on reminder of the information. Her method has speeded up my warping. I highly recommend this for anyone who warps a loom back to front and for those who haven't been converted! Review by Mary (Posted on 8/28/2015)
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