Deluxe Rolling Mill Bundle

Learn to create texture in metal easily and precisely with this rolling mill and professional instruction. Get everything you need to start creating memorable pieces with your own rolling mill.


Enjoy the benefits of having your own rolling mill! From a good economy rolling mill at an unbeatable price to the expert instruction, this deluxe collection will help metalsmiths complete their own projects and realize their own creative designs.

Step into the world of the rolling mill with this deluxe collection! Professional jeweler and teacher Richard Sweetman puts his 30+ years of experience to work for you as he discusses what all you can do with your own rolling mill. Techniques covered include rolling mill care and use, such as roll printing for texturing, rolling sheet or wire to make thinner, pouring and rolling an ingot, tapering a wire, squaring a wire and more. By the end of the instruction, you will feel confident creating texture in metal using precise control. You will also be able to modify metal stock as purchased into the thickness you want or need.

See what's inside the collection:

80MM Rolling Mill

This mill is economical but excellent quality at this price. Well-machined, the rollers are tempered steel polished to a mirror shine. It features two flat rollers; two wire rollers and a pattern roller with two different patterns. The gear ratio is 3:1 and wire rollers from 0.75 to 5mm. Rollers are simple to change for different applications. NOTE: For drawing plain sheet metal, use a maximum 5 SWG gauge -3.75mm- and a minimum of 26 SWG gauge -0.45mm-. For drawing wire, use a maximum 5 SWG gauge and a minimum of 20 SWG gauge. Weight: 58 lbs. *This item ships separately.


Get the Most Out of Your Rolling Mill with Richard Sweetman

If you want to learn new techniques for adding texture and designs to wire and sheet metal, this video is for you. With over 70 minutes of expert instruction from Sweetman, you will pick up unique techniques in no time. Create your own Keum-Boo foil and form wire and jewelry metal sheet from metal ingots. Then move onto embossing your own creative designs using a multitude of pieces. Sweetman even shows which metals are appropriate to use and how to care for your mill so it continues to operate smoothly for many years.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, July 2016

Follow artist John Heusler as he goes step-by-step creating a silver and agate cuff that is rich in contrast, texture and detail. The texturing is done with a mill.

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, August 2016

Included for the column 'Cool Tools & Hip Tips,' enjoy this detailed overview of the rolling mill. Then put your techniques to the test when you try the cover project, which tapers a wire using a rolling mill.

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