Dapped, Forged & Fused Jewelry with Janice Berkebile: Ring, Necklace, Pendant, and Earring Designs

Join metal artist, author, and instructor Janice Berkebile for three lessons that will teach you how to embrace organic jewelry design as you dap, forge, and fuse your way to unique jewelry projects.
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You'll love this if

  • You want to break free from jewelry designs that are meticulous and rigid.
  • You're looking for versatile jewelry-making techniques that will open doors to new ideas.
  • You want to recycle your scrap metal into gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Dap, forge, and fuse your way to pod perfect jewelry!

Add some freeform freedom to your jewelry-making repertoire! Let Janice Berkebile show you how to embrace an organic approach to metalsmithing with this video workshop featuring three individual lessons. Start by learning how to fuse and dap scrap fine silver into pod shapes, make your own headpins, and forge silver wire into paddle shapes. See how you can use these basic metalsmithing techniques to create one-of-a-kind earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings.

Order your copy of Dapped, Forged & Fused: Ring, Necklace, Pendant & Earring Designs with Janice Berkebile today to:

  • Go with the flow! Discover a metalsmithing project that requires less planning so you can watch your design develop as youwork.
  • Boost your metalsmithing skills as you learn helpful hints and technique tips that will improve your fusing, forging, and dapping skills.
  • Discover how easy it is to fuse fine silver scrap metal into spheres which you can incorporate into your jewelry designs.
  • And so much more!

Learn more about each individual workshop:

Dapped, Forged, and Fused Earrings
Fall in love with recycling your leftover fine silver as you create a pair of freeform earrings. Janice will show you how to fuse bits and pieces of metal into larger spheres, then forge them into discs of metal, making organic shapes that are unique every time.

Dapped, Forged, and Fused Necklace & Pendant
Janice Berkebile will teach you how to repurpose your scrap metal as you create a gorgeous pendant and a lively. Join Janice and learn how to forge fine silver spheres into metal sheet to create the pod pieces, add volume and texture as you dap your pods into shape, and then craft your own headpins so you can assemble all of the parts together.

Woven & Fused Rings
Take wire-wrapping to a whole other dimension! Join Janice Berkebile as she teaches you how to dap silver pod shapes, make a ring armature, and then weave all of the pieces together to create a truly unique cocktail ring. This ring project is perfect for new jewelry-makers wanting to get more comfortable with basic techniques including forging, fusing, and wire-weaving. It is also great for seasoned metalsmiths who are looking for jewelry projects that embody an organic and freeform design.

About the Author
A native to the Pacific Northwest, Janice Berkebile is inspired by the organic forms found in nature, Japanese motifs, textile techniques and the sinuous lines found in the Art Nouveau movement. Her focus is wire and metalwork. Her passion is becoming intimate with the subtleties of this medium and sharing these techniques with her students.

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