Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Shapes

Are you ready to move beyond the fundamentals of cubic right-angle weave? Marcia DeCoster can show you how to boost your beadwork by beading shapes!
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You’ll love this if:

  • You want to take your cubic right-angle weave to the next level!
  • You are looking for ways to integrate a variety of shapes into your beadwork.
  • You want to show off the geometry and versatility of cubic right-angle weave.

Shift into shapes with cubic right-angle weave!

Join Marcia DeCoster and learn how to create shapes using cubic right-angle weave! Open the door to a world of beading possibilities as Marcia teaches you how to turn corners so you can bead a square. Then, advanced to other cubic right-angle weave shapes including triangles, shields, and pentagons, and see how these can be the building blocks for beautiful beaded jewelry designs! With helpful tips for thread management and tool selection, plus step-by-step guidance, you’ll be stitching beautiful three-dimensional shapes in no time!

Bonus: Take your newfound cubic right-angle weave skills out for a spin as you create a pair of Circle Earrings with the included project PDF!

Download your copy of Cubic Right-Angle Weave with Marcia DeCoster: Shapes today to:

  • Unlock the possibilities cubic right-angle weave has to offer in you beadwork designs!
  • Add angles to your beadwork as you create triangles, shields, squares, pentagons, and more with this versatile bead stitch.
  • Use cubic right-angle weave to create a variety of curved shapes, including circles, teardrops, ellipses, and more.
  • Shine the spotlight on a favorite stone or crystal when you learn how to create beaded bezels using cubic right-angle weave.
  • And more!

About the Artist:

Marcia DeCoster's love for beautiful jewelry and the desire to create her own designs brought her to beads in the early 1990s. Remembering her own early attempts, Marcia recognizes that everyone learns differently and keeps this in mind while teaching and when creating her clear, concise, and comprehensive instructions and graphics. She was a Beadwork Designer of the Year in 2009 and is the author of several books, including Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence (2009) and Marcia DeCoster's Beads in Motion (2013). Want to learn more from Marcia? Brush up on your right-angle weave with Marcia’s helpful hints in the DVD Beadwork Designer of the Year Series: Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals.

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Customer Reviews (7)
Marcia is an excellent teacher and everything is so well explained and demonstrated. A real pleasure to be able to master CRAW at last. Thank you Marcia. Review by Rosalind (Posted on 6/27/2016)
Marcia is a exellent teacher
I have learned a lot about Cubic Right Angle Weave. I have made many mistakes, but now it sits but I have her video more like my Bible. I will buy her next video, but what I would say is that it's not so complicated, buy her video Review by Lola (Posted on 8/26/2015)
It's almost impossible to learn CRAW from a two dimensional book or magazine, so this video, part of a four unit series, is very helpful. This lesson, taught by Marcia DeCoster, the doyenne of right angle weave, provides clear, easy to follow instructions for turning corners, coaxing curves in CRAW, and is full of intriguing, practical suggestions for incorporating CRAW in your own designs. Great for intermediate to advanced beaders.

Two quibbles: the first 15 minutes of the program is a discussion of beading tools and is just about identical to the tools discussions on MDC's 3 other CRAW videos. Any beader who has the int/adv skills to follow this lesson on Shapes does not need this exhaustive treatment of beading materials -- certainly not four times over on 4 "different" videos. (The content sections of the videos are not repetitive, and all 4 videos are worthwhile.) MDC's comments on thread management are certainly useful -- but once would be enough.
Second quibble - the supporting PDF covers only making circle earring in CRAW. This is certainly worthwhile, but it is not comprehensive.
Review by Robin (Posted on 6/24/2015)
Highly Impressed
I have purchased all of the videos for CRAW and I love all of them. In looking at Marcia Decoster's designs, I often wondered how she was able to create the curves, squares, circles, etc. I rattled my brain trying to figure it out. Well this video clearly shows how her designs are accomplished. I am so thankful for Mrs. Decoster sharing her design know-how. Now I am able to turn my ideas into reality. I'm still learning and it is with the help of instructors like Mrs Decoster who dare to share by way of books, DVDs and in-person classes that other desirous designers are able to learn and master their own skills. THANK YOU!!! Review by Esther Yvette (Posted on 6/13/2015)
Very Excited to have a video along with the book
I watched this video one time and I'm excited about getting better at the Cubic Right angle weave. Marcia explains the paths and the way to create shapes in a professional and easy to see way. I've tried following the written form and would get very frustrated. Now I'm sure I will get the curves in the written form. I want to make earring and those amazing necklaces that I see on the web. thanks Marcia! Review by Stephanie (Posted on 6/11/2015)
Wonderful Ideas...yet brief.
This video provides several wonderful techniques for shaping right angle weave. I enjoyed watching it and getting Marcia's special hints. My one complaint is that almost 1/3 of the video concerns her tools. For a first time viewer of Marcia's videos, this is very helpful. However, this is my fourth video I was a little disappointed to see the same information repeated (at length) that I had seen in the previous videos. I would have appreciated more information on shaping and examples. Also...this is a video for experienced CRAW beaders. The techniques are quickly shared and the accompanying PDF only covers creating a circle with CRAW. Review by JR (Posted on 4/9/2015)
I just purchased Marcia's newest video on Cubic Right Angle Weave. Oh Me oh My! Lots of information contained in this video. I am not quite at the level required to do some of these turns....but It is a must to have in your library. It motivates me to no end. You must purchase this video. You will not be disappointed. She is just an amazing teacher and artist. I can't wait for the next video in the series to come out. Beading is a wonderful skill to have! Enjoy! Review by Norma (Posted on 4/7/2015)
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