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Treat yourself to gorgeous hand sewn lingerie with this month's limited edition technique kit. This kit has pattern PDFs for a satin slip, bustier, corset bra, and panties, plus a full web seminar, and three detailed technique videos.
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Make yourself a luxurious lingerie wardrobe with this limited edition kit. Take a peek at what's inside...

  • Technique Video: How to Make Lace Panties

    Learn to sew a pair of lacey panties from start to finish, including lace edging around the leg openings.
    RETAIL: $16.99

  • Technique Video: How to Sew Boning

    Master the basics of boning with this video tutorial. You'll love giving structure to bustiers, vintage dresses, and figure-flattering bodices.
    RETAIL: $16.99

  • Technique Video: How to Applique Lace

    Add a couture touch to any garment with lace applique. This technique looks so soft and feminine, and it's easier than you think to make your appliques stretch with your fabric.
    RETAIL: $16.99

  • Web Seminar: Sew a Kimono Jacket

    No pattern is needed to sew this customizable jacket. See how to make one in satin for weekend mornings, sequins for evening, and for casual daytime wear.
    RETAIL: $19.99

  • Peplum Bustier

    Sewing Pattern: Peplum Bustier

    This flirty bustier top has a bubble hem peplum that accentuates your waist and gives a pretty hourglass silhouette.
    RETAIL: $5.40

  • Satin Panties and Bustier

    Sewing Pattern: Satin Panties and Bustier

    Make these vintage-inspired panties in a snap with the included video tutorial. This delicate set will give you sexy confidence under any outfit. Or, go bold and wear the boned bustier top under a blazer!
    RETAIL: $5.40

  • Peplum Bustier

    Sewing Pattern: Slip

    A satin slip with lace insert is a wardrobe necessity. Lounge in style, or throw it under a flannel shirt and boots for a trendy daytime outfit.
    RETAIL: $5.40

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Customer Reviews (3)
The patterns in this kit are very nice, but you can buy these separately.

The video instructions are very poor.
The quality of the video is bad, the camera angle is off so you can never really see the sewing.
Also the lack of proper technique used by the presenter is very annoying. It seems to me that she doesn't really know what she is doing.

The webseminar about the kimono is a very slow showing of images that you could find for free online.

I'm a very happy costumer of Craftsy and have been learning all my sewing skills online.
I find that this package of video's and explanations is not worth paying 35euro for.
Review by Eelkje (Posted on 1/29/2014)
needs more pics so you know what you are getting Review by michelle (Posted on 1/22/2014)
Disappointing - not worth $34.99
This kit is presented as being super value - retail $87.16, offer price $34.99. I carefully read the full product description on the Burdastyle site and the Interweave store before purchasing, so I had a clear idea of what to expect. Sadly, this kit doesn't deliver.

First, I should mention that I had a problem with my order as one of the listed technique videos was missing from my downloadable products list/order email. I contacted Customer Services and the kit was reloaded to my account, which solved the problem - thank you.

On the positive side, the three included patterns all appear good quality and are things I intend to make in future. There's a pattern PDF and cutting and sewing instructions included for each pattern (Peplum Bustier, Satin Panties and Bustier, Slip).

What really got made me interested in this kit were the three technique videos. I've not made lingerie before and 'How to sew boning', 'How to applique lace' and 'How to make lace panties' all seemed very useful - as the videos are meant to cost $16.99 each, I figured these would include some expert/substantial instruction. How that price was arrived at is beyond me; I'd be livid if I paid that and, even though I spent less than that by purchasing the kit, I'm annoyed at how much I paid for the kit, given the length/content of the videos!

'How to applique lace' is a total joke. It's only 11:21 minutes long and frankly could have been 1 minute long to cover the content as it's so basic, or written out instructions would suffice. There's only one example given, for stretchy lace appliqued to stretchy fabric. Cut out the lace shape you want, pin it to the fabric you wish to applique the lace to, then use a zig zag stitch (for stretchy fabrics) to attach the lace, centred over where the lace meets the fabric so the needle falls alternately on the lace and the fabric.

The presenter does a hatchet job of repeatedly hacking at the lace with scissors and a rotary cutter, leaving lots of raggedy edges and bits. The machine sewing is poorly done and looks a mess and the camera angle isn't great - basically you'd get the idea from a minute of viewing. It seems no preparation or thought went into this video. It's torture to watch as the quality of the end result is poor. Worth $16.99?! No way. This free Burdastyle photo tutorial does a much better job:

'How to sew boning' is well presented, useful, and I'm now confident I can do this myself. Two ways to apply boning are given, with useful tips. However, this video is again much shorter than I'd expect for $16.99 (it's 12:15 minutes).

'How to make lace panties' is 17:52 minutes long. It could easily have been under half the length and most of what's presented is common sense and/or repetitive. You could find better examples for free online. There are one or two useful points, but they're so brief that they don't justify the price.

The kimono web seminar (which is an .mp4 file, not a PDF as stated in the product description; retail $19.99) is 46:03 minutes long. It's audio with images to show examples/pattern layouts, etc. There are some useful points interspersed throughout the audio, but it's pretty slow paced/obvious stuff. I don't think it's worth the retail value and I wouldn't purchase any other webinars based on what I've seen for this one.

Overall, the actual patterns are fine. The technique videos and web seminar are very underwhelming. My advice - don't buy this kit. If you like the patterns, buy them individually from Burdastyle (currently $5.99 each). If you want technique advice, Google the relevant terms. I wish that's what I'd done!
Review by JEM (Posted on 1/19/2014)
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