Blacker Swan Over Dyed Mountain Berry (plum) DK Yarn

Blacker Yarn's Blacker Swan yarn is a luxury, woolen spun yarn with a smooth handle. Try this yarn on your next project, available in a rich Plum colour.
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Blacker Swan, launched in 2012, is a joint venture between Blacker Yarns and Andrez and Ali Short who farm at Swan Inlet Farm on the Falkland Islands. Andrez and Ali shear their specialist merino type dual purpose sheep, sort and grade the fleeces and send them by ship to the UK, where The Natural Fibre Company turns the fine white fleeces into luxurious worsted spun single flock yarns. Try out this luxury, woolen-spun yarn in Plum.

Andrez and Ali have one of the smallest farms, close to the main town of Stanley and, apart from their sheep also breed pigs and grow vegetables. They herd the sheep on horseback across the tree-less Falkland landscape. The Shorts have bred from imported Dohne Merino genetics in order to improve fleece quality of Falkland Island sheep, which are largely Polwarth and traditional Merino crosses. The Shorts are generally unhappy if they produce fleeces over 20 microns! So this is lovely wool to work with. The Swan Inlet sheep are high welfare, larger than the average on the Falklands, producing more wool each year and all without foot-rot, fly-strike or mulsing!

Blacker Yarns have made a pure white (100% merino), then ivory, fawn and grey yarn by blending the merino with some wool from Sue Blacker's black Blue-faced Leicester sheep and some Shetland moorit from Somerset. We have then created 17 lovely dyed colours, which are mainly based on the ivory blend and are named as far as possible after the wild flowers which grow on the Falkland Islands, some of which are very rare. To add a little extra, we have also created a range of knitting patterns inspired by the sample yarns we created earlier and sent to British designers. We were so thrilled by their ideas and swatches that we have probably overspent, but this is only the beginning!

The handle is very smooth, soft and luxurious: possibly the best knitting yarn in the world! Being worsted spun Merino, the yarn has a bulky, drapey quality, which will work well for structured and flowing garments and also for textures.

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