Beaded Cords Chains Straps and Fringe

Learn to bead with ease with precise instructions, clearly drawn illustrations and beautiful color photographs. Add 32 techniques to your beading repertoire.
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Learn to bead with ease! With precise instructions, clearly drawn illustrations, and beautiful color photographs, Beaded Cords, Chains, Straps, & Fringe makes learning to bead fun. Once you've added these 32 techniques to your beading repertoire, you'll be able to make:
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Purse straps
  • Quilt trims
  • Scarf edgings
  • Bag fringes
  • And more!
Additional Info
Additional Info
Product Type Paperback
Author/Speaker/Editor Jean Campbell
ISBN 13 9781931499019
Number Of Pages 32
Customer Reviews (2)
32 Beaded Cords Chains Straps & Fringe
I was surprised to see the other review that had 1-star, so it spurred me to write my first review here. I thought this book was WELL WORTH the $9.95 price. I just started making (and selling some) jewelry this year, but had not done ANY peyote stitching yet when I bought this book. If you're in the same boat, watch out! It's addictive! I wanted to make EVERYTHING in this book. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL, but I'd agree that this is not a book for stone-cold beginners. So I signed up for a Beginners Peyote Stitch class, which was $25 at my local bead shop (can I mention the BeadHive in Minneapolis?). I learned several stitches there, and picked up a wealth of tips and tricks at the class. After I completed some peyote beaded beads, and a bracelet made with basic, flat, even count peyote stitching (with a simple pattern worked into it), that gave me the confidence to go back to the book and try something more challenging from there. After my Peyote Stitch 101 class, the whole book made more sense to me. I believe that it also helped that I've done sewing, knitting, and crochet, and have had that experience with following patterns. I don't think that it would have been as easy if I wasn't already comfortable with a needle and thread in my hands. So far, I've completed an Easy Embroidered Cord, a peyote stitched toggle clasp (a pattern from a magazine), and a pair of earrings that are based on the Kinky Fringe pattern in the book. I LOVE the earrings. I started with a little bit longer base row, and worked back "up" through it, adding another "branch" after every bead, until I had 7 branches of size 11 Delicas on each earring, with a turquoise chip and a size 6 bead at the end of each branch. I'm very proud of them! I can't wait to try some more ideas from this book! I think that if you have some internet savy, you can learn the same things that I learned in my class from watching a few U-Tube videos, and following along with them (the first row is the hardest!). Just start with some practice stitching - or an easier project - before you tackle something more difficult. If you run into a term in the book that you don't understand, a simple Google search will bring up more detailed tutorials on anything that you could think of! Have fun (no, I am not related to the author). Sheryl Review by NULL NULL (Posted on 11/22/2010)
This book isn''t worth it. The explanations arnt that very clear. For the most part you have to use your imagination to figure out what you are supposed to do. You would be better off buying the more expensive books. Not only do they have projects but they will have these explanations a whole lot better. You could say I got what I payed for. Review by Jeannette Cardona (Posted on 1/26/2010)
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