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In Beaded Colorways Beverly Ash Gilbert makes each beading project her canvas as she explores glowing color palettes and interesting color combinations.
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You’ll Love This Beading eBook If:

  • You love making special art using colorful beads
  • You want to discover exciting beading techniques
  • You want to learn how to incorporate new materials into your beaded jewelry

In Beaded Colorways Beverly Ash Gilbert makes each beading project her canvas as she explores glowing color palettes and interesting color combinations. Using her approach of "Bead Soups" Beverly mixes beads and gems together in order to create custom color blends. Then learn how to combine these beautiful beads with the step by step beading techniques in order to create artful jewelry pieces.

No boring projects here, every page is filled with color and fun. Beverly Ash Gilbert discusses color theory in-depth, giving you a deep understanding of how to use color. 18 complete beading projects include mixing beads with gems, beach glass, ribbon and metal. Download this eBook and you'll have instant access to all these great tips, techniques and advice from expert artist Beverly Ash Gilbert.

In the Beaded Colorways eBook You’ll Learn:

  • How to use color theory & fun color combinations in your beading projects
  • Beading techniques for how to make beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets & more
  • Beading stitches including netting, peyote, and freeform

A Word From the Author:

"This book will show you how to work with color, freeform beadweaving and even basic metalworking so you can expand your own creative style. My hope is to inspire you, to help spark new ideas and to stimulate the artist inside of you to find your own unique path and your creative expression in color and texture. So for all of you who love color and want to explore ways to use it in your beadwork, come with me on this journey to see where it will take you and what wonderful paths you will create!" — Beverly Ash Gilbert

Check Out This Excerpt From Simply Beaded Bliss:

Inspiration in Nature
A single color, no matter how much you love it, never has as much power as when it is used in combination with other colors and textures. Even within a single color family, we crave highlights, shades and textural variations to imbue depth and intrigue. Leaves, the ocean, a sunset, sand, terra-cotta tiles, a hydrangea blossom--their beauty lies in the color and textural variations.

These variations can be subtle or dramatic, but solid color blocks are rarely seen in nature (and only if you observe a small enough sample). If you fell in love with "leaf green" and tried to recreate it, you would be hard pressed to do so with one tube of paint or one tube of beads. Look at the hydrangea leaves and count how many colors of green you see--are there five or ten or more? Note the deep shadows; the shiny leaves that reflect a little blue from the sky; the new, bright yellow-green leaves with their stems, veins and serrated edges. It is this complexity that gives leaves movement, depth and life. No wonder artists look to nature for inspiration in color as well as subject.

I am driven by color. I will buy a book, a pillow, a scarf or anything if the colors leap out at me. Conversely, I can be turned away from a fabulous art technique because the colors the artist used don't speak to me. Sometimes, this is a difference in taste, but often, the palette seems flat to me and needs a little tweak to give it movement and depth. However, if my eye is stimulated, then even palettes that I wouldn't normally work with seem beautiful.

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Additional Info
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