Basic Gem Setting Collection

Build on your gem setting techniques as you start with prong, bezel and flush settings on a simple shape, then move from an oval stone to a one-point pear, two-point marquise and four-point square. Dip your toes into more unconventional ways to set stones that employ riveting, tabs, wire wrapping and tube setting.


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This collection literally leaves no stone unturned! Take a journey through gemstones and dive into setting techniques with the Basic Gem Setting Collection, handpicked by the editors of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

A must-have for jewelry artists, this is the ideal collection for those who want to learn about a variety of gemstones, their properties, how to work with them, and most of all, how to set them using techniques such as prong, bezel and flush settings. With 10 items in total, you'll have everything you need to get started with gem setting!

See what's inside the collection:

Gemstone Settings: The Jewelry Maker's Guide to Styles & Techniques

The most in-depth, technical guide to stone setting has arrived: Gemstone Settings. Jewelry makers will fall in love with this encyclopedic overview, which features extensive stone-setting processes, detailed information about stones and metals, and gorgeous photos and illustrations for visual support. Step by step, learn how to set your most beloved stones, no matter what special attention they might need.

Metalsmith Essentials: Introduction to Gemstone Setting: Prong, Flush and Bezel Setting with Ann Cahoon

Discover the ultimate technique workshop detailing beginning stone setting for faceted stones! Join expert jewelry artist Ann Cahoon as she teaches the crucial steps associated with beginning stone setting. From prongs to bezel and flush settings, this DVD workshop covers basic techniques for stone setting. Begin with the prong setting, which is open enough to allow you to see what you're building. Then, build on your skills and progress in difficulty as you explore bezel and tension settings. Complete with detailed steps for success, up-close action shots, and detailed tool lists, this video sets the stage for you to become a stone setting pro! Stone setting isn't easy, but Ann will show you step-by-step how to fix and avoid common mistakes every artist experiences.

Metalsmith Essentials: How to Set Fancy Shaped Faceted Stones

Join jewelry artist Ann Cahoon as she shows you how to set fancy shaped stones efficiently and correctly. Intimidated by square-shaped stones? Begin with easier ovals and then graduate to one-pointed pears, two-pointed marquise cuts, and finally four-pointed squares, building on the techniques and skills you have learned as you go – including the right hand position for each tool you'll need, a foolproof way to measure when creating your bezels, and expert tips for creating both crisp corners and evenly curved shapes. With essential stone setting considerations, this comprehensive DVD walks you through the steps you need to master so you can set stones efficiently, safely, and with confidence.

10 Wire Bezels and Cages for Stones
Pattern Compilation Download

Incorporate cabochons and stones into your next jewelry-making project with this eBook that is focused on creative explorations into the art of wire wrapping and wire weaving. You'll learn about bails, too, and the countless ways to suspend your custom pendants for stunning effects. With projects ranging from beginner to advanced levels, these instructions (along with colorful step-by-step photos) will show you how to securely showcase your beautiful stones for the ultimate statement piece. All you need is a bit of wire, gorgeous stones and a handful of tools to bring customized jewelry to life.

5+ Ways to Set Stones
Project Collection

The perfect gemstone deserves the perfect setting! Shine the spotlight on your gemstones as you choose the setting that shows them in their best light. Break out of bezels in your jewelry designs and try something new! Discover eight bezel setting alternatives, including riveting, tabs, wire wrapping and more, that will not only keep your jewelry designs visually interesting but also keep your favorite stones secure.

2007-2008 Colored Stone Collection
Magazine Downloand

Discover gemstones galore in the Colored Stone Magazine Collection 2007-2008. Enjoy 12 issues exactly as they were printed but in one interactive CD collection, with searchable pages and quick-print articles. Take a look at the most popular gemstones and learn where they come from, how to choose the best for you, and tips on how to make your jewelry designs stand out from the crowd! Plus add wonderful gemstone lore that will help you sell them!

2005-2006 Colored Stone Magazine Digital Collection
Magazine Download

Explore the world of gemstones as you peruse the digital pages of the 2005-2006 Colored Stone Magazine Collection! Find in-depth information about everything from sourcing to selling gemstones in the nine included issues of Colored Stone magazine exactly as they were printed in 2005 and 2006 that you can only find in this collection. Be inspired by amazing gemstones cut by true lapidary artists, discover where Colored Stones are mined around the world, and so much more.

2009-2010 Colored Stone Collection
Magazine Download

Discover the ultimate authority on gemstones. With this vibrant collection download, the trusted magazine is back with the entire 2009-2010 season—now with full-color searchable pages, quick-print articles, and all the inspirational designs the jewelry world has come to expect from Colored Stone.

10 Gemstones for Jewelry Making

10 Gemstones for Jewelry Making is an instant-download eBook packed with a beautiful assortment of spectacular stones, handpicked from beloved Colored Stone by the trusted experts at Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. Get instant access to expert information, tips, and tricks to begin using these gemstones in your own handmade jewelry. This easy-to-follow eBook is full of stunning stones to spice up your jewelry designs. Move over rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and emeralds! It is time you incorporated some unusual and fabulous focals into your jewelry!

10 Stunning Gemstone Jewelry Projects
Pattern Compilation Download

Discover 10 striking gemstone jewelry designs hand-picked by the editors of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. A wonderful and complete jewelry design doesn't mean you have to break the bank by using precious gemstones. Boost your metalsmithing and stone setting skills by highlighting "alternative" stones such as agates, jaspers, opals, and more! Create a fantastical cuff bracelet with mystical themes, set a diamond into metal clay to construct a beautiful pair of earrings, show off a unique stone in a custom bezel for a truly striking ring, and many more.

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