2013 Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Collection CD

All 9 issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine from the 2013 season on one convenient CD! Explore all 15 stones, 24 projects, 10 technique demos, and more!
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You'll love this if:

  • You want to explore lapidary, jewelry tool, and metalsmithing trend information.
  • You are looking for project inspiration incorporating stone setting, cold connections, soldering, and more.
  • You want to learn important techniques with clear demos and directions.

15 stones, 24 projects, 10 technique demos. . . one convenient CD!

Explore every demo, project, and page from the 2013 season of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine, in this convenient CD Collection. Build your metalsmithing skills, jump-start your stone cutting technique with expert demos, discover your new favorite gemstone, and so much more!

Get your copy of this must-have CD today to:

  • Learn about all the jewelry tools you won't want to be without, and get crucial technique information from Helen I. Driggs in Cool Tools & Hip Tips.
  • Give your jewelry business the boost it needs with helpful social media and website information featured in Net Profits.
  • Advance your metalsmithing skills with technique demos and projects you won't want to miss.
  • Explore hot gemstone information and answers to your FAQ's in Smokin' Stones.
  • Get all the Trends information to boost your designs and invigorate your inspiration.
  • Plus so much more!

Here's what you'll get in each issue:

Jan/Feb: Discover the winning 65th anniversary facet design; get stone setting must-have tips, plus see the artistic gem carvings of Harold Van Pelt on display.

March: Explore an out-of-this-world stone: the meteorite! See how this stone is being used in jewelry designs by leading jewelry artists. Then, get a demo of the old-world art of filigree and wax-casting tips you won't want to be without!

April: Learn enameling basics with a technique demo from Helen I. Driggs and beautiful project. Plus, uncover the newest agate to the market, and create a striking cabochon with must-have demo tips.

May/June: Uncover what 3-D printing can provide for your jewelry with this must-have magazine issue. Plus, cut a striking turquoise cabochon, and then design a bracelet with the stone in mind.

July: Opals, opals everywhere! Dive into the different varieties of this favorite stone, and make striking projects with inspiring technique ideas. Then, master intarsia construction with a featured demo.

August: Revisit metal stamping and go beyond the basics with advanced tips for adding invigorating texture to your jewelry. Plus craft show tips every artist should know for boosting holiday sales.

Sept/Oct: Design your jewelry with color in mind with helpful tips Helen I. Driggs. Plus, mixed media comes to metalsmithing! See how artists are using plastic, leather, wood, and paper in innovative ways.

November: See the jewelry tools you won't want to be without in the annual tool issue. Then, put your tools to work with three stylish jewelry projects that will advance your technique.

December: Discover Jewelspan, an online marketplace to sell jewelry. Then be inspired by the breath-taking designs by JAR, and a demo project that teaches you how to inset stone on stone.

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